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released 17 jalbum

JAlbum 17 Released

Released: October 29, 2018
News and Updates
Completely rewritten review mode featuring thumbnail navigation, image zooming and multiple image comparison (1-6 images)
Way faster and better behaving zoom control installed in both Edit and Review mode
Better integration with Review mode and Explorer and Edit mode (hit Space to review selected image(s))
Reads EXIF metadata from video files as well (MP4 and MOV)
Supports camera date/creation date for mp4 and mov videos too
Has new "Disable color subsampling" option under Settings-Images-Advanced. Will produce even better looking JPEGs when checked. Currently only applies to images with compression quality >= 90. Disabling chroma/color subsampling increases file size about 17% but doubles the horizontal and vertical color resolution of images. See this article
Explore mode adjusted for lower CPU usage = better performance
Now runs on Open Java 11 on all platforms. Earlier, the Mac version was using Oracle's Java 8 and Windows version using Java 9. With Java 11, Oracle's Java is under a commercial license. We therefore moved to the open source "Open JDK 11", which should be working as well by now.
Remembers width of folder property panel if "Remember last window position and size" is checked under Preferences
All versions has reduced footprint due to removal of unneeded Java code
Default video resolution for generated videos bumped from 480p to 720p
Now capable of correctly importing incorrectly written Windows comments and titles
Rewritten Mac file chooser integration (runs on Java 9+)
Embedded browser now accepts all certificates (avoids certificate related errors)
Moved "Clear project list" to top and added confirmation dialog
Updated bundled Tiger, Zigzag and Minimal skins
Bug fixes
Fixed Location editor (updated to newer Google Map APIs
Projects zipped on Windows could only be unzipped on Windows
Improved rendering of cropped images in Edit mode
Fixed problem when skin hints were ignored when switching to same-family skins when no project is open
The crop focus plugin didn't respect custom theme image ratios
Explore view would incorrectly scroll to the top then objects were added via file selector
Fixed bug in project importer. Wouldn't handle albums with more than 2 folder levels
Various bug fixes
Would throw IOException when generating albums made purely of non re-encoded videos
Hopefully fixed issue where recent project list could get cleared accidentally    :        Download jAlbum 17
Get jAlbum for any platform
Please select a download appropriate to your operating system:

64-bit Windows jAlbum for 64-bit Windows (bundled with Java) (90.6 MB)

32-bit Windows jAlbum for 32-bit Windows (bundled with Java) (105.5 MB)

Mac OS X jAlbum for Mac OS X (92.8 MB)

64-bit Linux jAlbum for 64-bit Linux (.deb for Ubuntu, Debian etc. using x86_64) (90.6 MB)

Linux jAlbum for Linux (RPM for Fedora, SUSE, Red Hat etc.) (bundled with Java) (90.7 MB)

anything jAlbum for anything (Zip file for any Java enabled system) (33.8 MB)
For versions without bundled Java, jAlbum needs at least Java 8. Check your java version here. If you don't have Java installed, get it here. It's free.    Alternatives
Zip version: If you are having trouble using the installers, don't like installers or just want to make a minor update, try downloading jAlbum without an installer as a zip archive.   100% Scanned Malware Free & Clean With Bitdefender Total Security 2019 & Digital Signature ( Jalbum AB)   BitDefender Log File

Product : Bitdefender Total Security
Scanning task : Contextual Scan
Log date : Tuesday, October 30, 2018 12:30:16 AM        Scan Paths:
Path : C:\Users\mrtro\OneDrive\Desktop\jAlbum
Path : C:\Users\mrtro\OneDrive\Desktop\jAlbum-install.exe
[-]Detailed Scan Summary
Scanned items : 12445
Infected items : 0 (no infected items have been detected)
Suspicious items : 0 (no suspected items have been detected)
Resolved items : 0 (no threats have been detected during this scan)
Unresolved items : 0 (no issues remained unresolved)
Scan time : 0: 01: 02
Files per second : 200
Skipped items : 0
Password-protected items : 0
Overcompressed items : 0
Scanned archives : 0
Input-output errors : 0
Scanned boot sectors : 0
Scanned processes : 0
Infected processes : 0
Scanned registry keys : 0
Infected registry keys : 0
Scanned cookies : 0
Infected cookies : 0
[-]Scan Options
[-]Target Threat Types:
Scan for viruses : Yes
Scan for adware : Yes
Scan for spyware : Yes
Scan for applications : Yes
Scan for dialers : Yes
Scan for rootkits : No
Scan for keyloggers : Yes
[-]Target Selection Options:
Scan registry keys : No
Scan cookies : No
Scan boot sectors : No
Scan memory processes : No
Scan archives : Yes
Scan runtime packers : Yes
Scan emails : Yes
Scan all files : Yes
Heuristic Scan : Yes
Scanned extensions : none configured
Excluded extensions : none configured
[-]Target Processing:
Default primary action for infected objects : None
Default secondary action for infected objects : None
Default primary action for suspicious objects : None
Default secondary action for suspicious objects : None
Default action for hidden objects : None
Default action for password-protected objects : Prompt for password
#2        jAlbum 17
comes with cool new features
More robust
More capable
Leaner and cleaner
Download jAlbum  
32 languages, including English

Released: December 1, 2018
News and Updates
Completely rewritten skin template parser. Potentially faster as templates are now parsed once to an internal object tree (Abstract Syntax Tree) and from there evaluated to final pages multiple times. The new parser not only caches the internal object tree, it also caches compiled scriptlets for scripting languages supporting this (JavaScript and Groovy. BeanShell doesn't compile well so far)
Introduced Groovy as scripting language. Note, this is still an experimental alpha. The sharp release is scheduled for Q1 2019. Read more here.
Update image reading library to TwelveMonkeys 3.5. Problematic CMYK JPEG images should now work again.
Adapted colors for Mac OS X Mojave
Now allows preview browser to be operated while building album
Removed obsolete "Local Flash preview" preference
Moved "Video support" to Preferences->Advanced (no need to touch for the vast majority)
Updated Korean translations for ZigZag, Mr.Burn5 and Responsive
Bug fixes
Problematic CMYK JPEG images should now work again
Adding some https web locations could cause an SSL handshake error
Fixed bug causing loss of skin project settings if loading skin while another skin is still loading
Fixed crash bug upon opening preview window on Mac OS X Mojave
Ensured that the text field specific undo stack is cleared when the user is about to edit titles, comments or keywords. Users can now safely hit CTRL/CMD+Z to undo without going past initial value
Known issues
Preview browser can occasionally hang while being operated on OS X Mojave. This is likely a bug in OS X Mojave or the underlying Java. We'll provide an update as soon as possible or trust that Apple's next service release fixes this.   :    jAlbum Installer- Kaspersky File Advisor   Application: jAlbum Installer  Vendor: Jalbum AB   Trusted ( Digital Signature)  Fewer than 10 Kaspersky Security Network users have used this application.   Created: 2018-12-01 8:12:36 PM   Modified: 2018-12-01 8:13:37 PM  Digital Signature: ( Jalbum AB )  Sign Date: ( 11/30/2018 12:36 PM) 100% Scanned With Kaspersky Total Security 2019  & This Software Contains None Of These Malware Threats: ( 100% Scanned Malware Free & Clean With   No Malware, No Virus, No Spyware, No Trojans, No Rootkits,  No Adware, No Worms, No Ransomware, No Bundleware, No Junkware, No Crapware,  No Badware,   (Trusted Vendor) The Following software vendor digitally sign their files and their files are trusted
Oiled-up and shiny!

jAlbum 17
comes with cool new features
More robust
More capable
Leaner and cleaner
Download jAlbum  
32 languages, including English
jAlbum  17.1.5  Released :          

Quote:jAlbum 17comes with cool new features
More robust
More capable
Leaner and cleaner
Download jAlbum  
32 languages, including English          17.1.5
News and Updates
Updated bundled skins Tiger, Projector and Responsive
Added convenience link to Preferences->Album from within New Project dialogue to simplify permanently changing file locations
Bug fixes
Media-RSS support was broken (since 17.1) also affecting mobile viewing
Album uploads would fail if the "manifest.jmf" cache file got out of sync with the server state. Now detects this and recovers upload instead of failing.
Albums using non-standard index page names or extensions ("album.htm" for instance) wouldn't have their thumbnail showing up correctly on the profile page after publishing.

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