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audials 2019 one

Promo2day Review Audials One 2019
[Image: XQx0tCk.png]

Find and record music. Record all streaming services for music, audiobooks, movies, and TV shows. Convert all media for all devices.
Audials One is equipped with one of the fastest streaming recorders. It is able to record individual tracks or even two playlists simultaneously at five times the speed from music streaming services such as Spotify in particular. The new Audials One 2019 software is able to browse Spotify as an additional music source and then delivers the recordings in the best possible quality and the shortest time. Audials One 2019 is the only software to offer this world innovation.

Audials One's streaming recorder is also a front-runner in recording movies. It makes use of a batch recorder and an automatic episode recording function to save entire seasons of series from the video streams of well-known services such as Amazon, Netflix and many others. Here, users also benefit from numerous improvements made to the new software.

Particularly in the field of internet television, the new Audials One 2019 software offers 130 live TV streams from all over the world, which can be watched and recorded using the newly designed and convenient player.

Audials One 2019 represents a paradigm shift, as the software is now operated according to the content and not to the function like before. The advantage of this is that users can now always immediately access all the functions when dealing with their songs, radios, movies and videos.
Thanks to the new so-called Styles function, users of Audials One 2019 can describe their own musical taste by entering in a few examples of artists or radios, and will then quickly receive vast amounts of fitting music from legal sources.

Developer (Company information):

Audials AG is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2018. Audials One is a top-of-the-line streaming recorder that  delivers music quickly and efficiently and stores movies and series from the Internet. The new Audials Generation 2019 has many improvements and unique innovations. 

[Image: Sx9AREN.png]

Audials Highlights:

The software has a unique Wishlist function and boasts a selection of 12,000,000 tracks from 120 genres. Users simply have to enter the music they want, and Audials will find a radio station to record it. Audials monitors around half of the 100,000 internet radio stations stored in the database and finds the right station to automatically record the music the user wants to have. You can also record music from music videos in the best possible quality through the Music Search function. You will enjoy private legal copies of your favorite music.

System Requirements:

Windows 10, 8 or 7, 1 GHz CPU, 2 GB RAM, 1 GB hard drive space for installation and internet access
For recording HD videos:
Superiour/powerful desktop CPU (i5, i7, or comparable).
Fast HDD or SSD, several 10 GB hard drive space
Dedicated GPU (graphics card) might help reduce load on CPU

Download and Installation:

[Image: cTp0SFn.gif]


[Image: Kms7qG3.png]


Simply copy and paste your license and activate online

[Image: zpmjh5p.png]

User Interface:

[Image: t1QJPj2.png]


The program has many features categorized under 4 main parts:


[Image: qu4C561.png]

Record music streaming in individual music pieces
Highest quality of all recordings and downloads
Save music maximum quickly
Find and save all music
Music selection and discovery
Personalization and music tastes ("styles")
Get music in the backgroung: music wishes
Get your music collection automatically (music bot)
Music finishing (tags, lyrics, cutting)


[Image: AFxzCRG.png]

Powerful podcast customization
All of the world's radio stations
Enjoy radio
High degree of individualization
Record individual songs
Automatically add finishing touches to recordings


Save video stream as file
Optimized for all major streaming services
Easy to use
Create video files in the highest quality
Automatic series recording
Recording scheduler: record movies in series
High-powered recording technology avoids loss in quality
Save in any video format

Copy and Convert:

[Image: HdaHdrZ.png]

Reads and imports almost all audio/video file
Create audio and video files in all major formats
Fine-tune with individual profiles
High-performance converter
Copy dvd - copy protected and unprotected dvds
Convenient music management/music player
Video and media management
Edit music and media files
High-performance data management
Perfect interaction with smartphones and tablets
Powerful import and export functions

What is New in Audials One 2019?

A lot of improvements have been made to our new Audials One 2019. You can now access and enjoy top-quality music, movies, series and internet TV faster and easier than ever before. Click on whatever you are interested in and simply scroll down.
Redesigned, simpler interface
Much more powerful and faster

[Image: ZD1rNjA.png]


The new music collection that grows effortlessly. YouTube & Spotify Reloaded. Simplified use. More power.

More Quality:

Quality, speed, and simplified use are the main improvements in the area of music. The quality of the recordings from Spotify, Deezer & co. have been enhanced further. Downloading music from YouTube has been optimized, Spotify is now included in the music search function and the wish list function has been enhanced. Thanks to our new Styles, Audials will now become your Audials, and music collection generator.

Improved Streaming Recorder:

Recording Spotify, Deezer, and other music streaming services has once again been optimized

Better Wish Lists:

The many small improvements let you will get your music faster. New music sources such as Spotify mean a higher quality of music and an even larger selection of music. New editing features and much better suggestions also make working with wish lists on Audials 2019 much more fun.

Spotify is now a search tool:

Audials One 2019 now also searches Spotify for the music you want and delivers the highest possible quality of music at lightning speed! See for yourself!

YouTube Reloaded:

Audials will always find and use the best possible audio track for you to download directly from YouTube!

Completely new music experience:

Audials provides you with artists, playlists, compilations, or something similar in the music universe.

[Image: P8dR08U.png]

New Overview of Music:

The three popular modes Music Search, Music Wishes and My Music have been merged into just Music. It's now a lot easier for you to get your music

Music Search: Quality Evolution

The music search and wish list functions now also use Spotify, in addition to YouTube, Soundcloud & Co. This makes a huge difference

Downloading YouTube Links Massively Improved:

Using Audials, you can scan YouTube and directly download the music from videos as an audio track by just entering a link.

Recording Music Streams Now Easier and Safer:

Improved quality of stream recordings, for example Spotify. Audials will automatically selects the best settings to ensure optimal recording.

[Image: 4aamS5S.png]

Brand New Music Style and Music Bot:

Radio favorites have been taken to another level. Give each style its own color, then select your favorite artists and radio stations for each particular style. This way you will automatically receive a great number of stations that match your style!

Try it out now in three quick steps! Define your own style of music in the new Audials One 2019. Determine the settings for your music collection. Lastly; Click on the start button and Audials One 2019 will get started!


Simplified use. Higher recording quality. Additional pre-configured sources. A new mode.
High-quality video stream recording
Better Selection of the recording configurations that have been predefined for the video streaming services
New services have been pre-configured for the recording process
Better Quality When Recording Directly
YouTube Direct Download Now Even Better
New, generic recording mode allows you to make high-quality, unscaled recordings directly from the graphics card
Cutting-Edge Device Profiles: New devices, new profiles in order to be able to store videos optimally for smartphones, tablets, notebooks


[Image: yzIiwpM.png]

Take your TV channels on vacation. Record live TV. Also comes with new international streams.
A New Internet TV Experience with completely newly designed player for Internet TV. It provides you with smooth, high-quality television, especially when you're watching in full-screen mode, even on slower PCs.
Lots of New Live TV Streams: Enjoy over 150 live streams.
Record TV with a Simple Click!
Music TV is Taking Off!


Explore and organize, import and export video files in your collection

 [Image: zB2zfXM.png]

Video Streaming:

[Image: 3UFnd6F.png]


[Image: 2VrlIrK.png]

File Browser:

Explore and organize, import and export media files in your collection

[Image: HIcGW6K.png]

Storage space:

[Image: RswBdfa.png]

User Menu:

[Image: w6QONRi.png]

Mobile apps:

[Image: NCK42LT.png]

Audials Options:

[Image: NfVHasZ.gif]

Find and record your favorite music with Audials One 2019

Bonus Features

How you can record and save videos, movies, series from video streaming services

How to record Radio Station:

In the navigation, click "Radio", navigate to the station you would like to record then start. That’s all!

Which edition of Audials PC is the right one for you?

Upgrade your Audials Software to new Generation 2019:






Product Page:

Version history for Audials PC and Audials Streaming Service:
Thanks for the very good review for a nice program!  Thumb
100% Scanned Malware Free & Clean With Comodo Internet Security Premium 11  Digital Signature ( Audials AG)  Trusted Vendors:  (The following software vendors digitally sign their files and their files are trusted) & On Comodo Trusted Vendors List Of Safe & Trusted  &  Digitally Signed Applications.
Nice detailed review.
Great review.
nice detailed one review again thanks so much Heart Heart Heart
Audials is a nice software. Thank you.
Thanks for the detailed description, Tarek.

Very useful software, I like that in addition to recording streaming in the program, you can convert and copy DVD. Conveniently, the resulting files can be cut off, change the equalizer settings, mix playlist.
By the way, you can also specify cloud storage as a place to save media files, for example, DropBox or Google Drive, which is great at all. Thumb
Very good presentation
Thanks for the review.

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