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Eazy Fix - Windows Time Machine
[Image: image.png]

Eazy Fix is an instant recovery software that can undo any software related changes or problems by reverting computer back to last hour, yesterday, last week or last month in a few seconds.  Eazy Fix is a must-have software for PC users of all skill levels to save time and money in maintaining PCs.

What makes Eazy Fix a must-have software for your PC?
  • It's instant recovery. With ever increasing hard disk size, restore or re-imaging a PC could take many hours to complete. Eazy Fix only takes a few seconds to recover an entire PC from crash.
  • It's total recovery. It recovers everything on the PC including the Windows system, programs, settings and user data files.
  • It does not require hidden partition or reserved disk space to install.
  • It supports unlimited snapshots.
  • It takes a new snapshot in 5 seconds.
  • It rolls back to a snapshot in less than 10 seconds.
  • It works even if Windows OS fails to startup.
  • It allows file recovery from snapshots.
  • It allows snapshot encryption to prevent data thief in the event of lost PC.
  • And more...

pre-OS Recovery Console  is Eazy Fix's pre-O.S. interface which is a mini-operating system working below Windows operating system to provide rollback capability when Windows is no longer bootable. You can access the Recovery Console by press HOME key on keyboard during system startup. In the Recovery Console, you can rollback PC, create new snapshots, or uninstall Eazy Fix in emergency situations.

Product Limitations

The following limitations exist in Eazy Fix v11.0:

Booting From an External Media (OS) – Eazy Fix cannot protect the computer when changes are made to the hard drive from an external or foreign (non-Windows) operating system bypassing Eazy Fix protection drivers. For example, booting from a CD-ROM will start a different OS that may be able to change the hard drive and produce unpredictable results.

Disk Encryption Programs that Intercept Low-Level Disk I/O – Eazy Fix may conflict with some applications that proxy low-level disk I/O.

Dual Boot of Windows and Linux OS on the Same Hard Drive – Eazy Fix does not support systems that have multiple Windows Operating Systems with non-Windows Operating System (like Linux) loaded on the same hard drive.

Operating System Upgrade – Before upgrading the operating system such as from Windows 7 to Windows 8, you must first uninstall or disable Eazy Fix.

How to buy Eazy Fix?

EAZ Solutions do not have pricing information on their website. FAQ mention "We primarily sell through distributors and resellers who could have different pricing in different countries. To avoid unfair competition, our distributors ask us not to openly publish the prices. We apologize for the inconvenience. You can inquire pricing information from"

Eazy Fix is simply the easiest, fastest and arguably the best system instant recovery solution in the market.

[Image: image.png]



Supports: 32/64 bit of Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (Legacy/UEFI BIOS)

Eazy Fix is designed for Windows PCs. Do NOT install it on servers! Always backup your important data before setup Eazy Fix.

You can find answers to the most of your questions or problems in the knowledgebase

Screenshots of Eazy Fix - Windows Time Machine

[Image: ef1.png]
[Image: ef2.png]
[Image: ef3.png]
[Image: ef4.png]
thank you for the  good review
thanks for great review Heart Heart
Nice review Yash
thanks for good review!
Interesting to find out (hope it never happens) how "it would work even if Windows OS fails to startup". Nice software and nice review. Thanks.
EAZ Solutions Eazy Fix and HorizonDataSys Rollback Rx Pro are the same software. HorizonDataSys is a sister company of EAZ Solutions.

The BIG price difference

Eazy Fix v11 lifetime-license is $34.95 (1-year upgrade and support for FREE)
the upgrade price is $10.50
they have eazy fix 1-year subscription too for $13.98

Rollback Rx Pro v11 lifetime-license is $69 (1-year upgrade and support for $14.90)
do not know the upgrade price

You should simply buy Eazy Fix.

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