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a it party has excess defragger bloatware? become is there third still or need

Is there still a need for a third party defragger or has it become excess bloatware?
The Windows built in defrag has not always been adequate enough for my liking and I have always used a third parties defragger previously, but the Windows 10 defrag seems pretty efficient.
Is there still a need for a separarate defragger or has it become excess bloatware?
Over the years I have commonly used defraggler by Piriform, although I have Iobit Smart Defrag 6 on my desktop at the moment, but is it really necessary any more?
Who is still using third party defrag programs? and is it out of habit or calculated decision?
Есть такая потребность в стороннем дефрагментаторе про наличии твердотельного накопителя
I've never really seen any significant speedup by using a defrag program, neither the built in windows tool nor any third party tool. However, I tend to reinstall my entire system at least once a year, sometimes even more regulary, so that's some kind of "defrag" as well... When comparing third party tools to the built in there were no significant differences in the result - the gui is sometimes more sometimes less interesting/informative, but if really needed, the Windows builtin defrag does a pretty decent job.

However, all this is only true for classical harddrives, on a solid state drive (or usb-stick/...), defrag should definately be avoided as it significantly lowers the drives livetime and doesn't give any speed improvement at all.

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