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Promo2day Review HexaVault Password Manager and Personal Information Locker
[Image: 5Msz49k.png]

Do you use a single password across all your accounts? Email, social media, bank accounts? Bad idea. Never use a common password across all services. Use a unique password for each service and change it regularly. It is recommended to never use the email accounts password on any other service.

Don't remember passwords. Stop writing down sensitive information. Store all your important information in a safe, encrypted digital vault on your phone or tablet. HexaVault is a password manager and a personal information locker. You can safely store your important private information like passwords and logins, bank account and credit card details, passport and other identity documents and more.

HexaVault stores your information using Advance Encryption Standard and 256 bit key on your device.

HexaVault comes with 30+ predefined templates for storing most common types of information. You can also create your own templates.

Platforms supported:

HexaVault is available for iPhone, iPad and devices running Android.
HexaVault is completely free and contains no advertisements.

[Image: iFvsNZ9.png]

Types of information you can store in HaxaVault:

Passwords to websites, apps, computers, servers
Combination Locks, Digital Keys and PINs
Credit cards, debit cards, ATM and gift cards
Bank account details, loan and mortgage, insurance details
Identity documents like passport, national ID, driver's License, school or employer ID
Medical prescriptions and records
Subscriptions and membership details
Software Serial Numbers
Warranty and Servicing Information
Vehicle Details

And everything else that is important to you.

[Image: Cf4HvKY.png]

HexaVault Features

- Add new information
- Specify various details about the information in name-value pairs
- Choose an icon for the information
- Choose from predefined templates for various types of information
- Create new templates, edit or delete templates
- Create, edit or delete template categories
- Search for information
- View an information
- View one or all values of an information
- Copy individual values to device clipboard
- Auto locking of vault after 30 seconds of inactivity
- Export vault for periodic backup or for copying it to another device
- Restore previously exported vault

How to use the application?

First, you have to login to HexaVault by providing your password. To store your information, simply tap on the new information button then choose a template for your new information. Now, fill all predefined fields of information. You can skip the fields you don't want to fill. After you finish simply click save. That's all!

[Image: VcrZoSS.png]

Templates for Common Types of Information:

A template is a predefined list of fields about a specific type of information. One of the main features in HexaVaultis the predefined templates for various types of information. This makes it different from other password managers and digital vaults. HexaVault is your go to digital assistant where you can store much more than just passwords.

The templates are grouped in categories for easy selection. 
Find and View information:  Information saved can be easily found using quick search. 
Edit Information: You can change the information name, icon, field labels and values.
Delete information fields
Manage templates: reorder, rename, add new category
Add new templates: specify the fields and icon for the template

[Image: 45aLWsu.png]

The application is highly customizable:

It lets you create your own templates or change names of fields in the predefined templates. In addition; you can add more information fields by tapping "Add New Field" button. You can change the icon of the information by tapping on the icon and select from multiple built-in icons. 

Backup Vault:

You should take periodic backup of your vault. Simply go to the menu and choose the Export Vault option. You can store on internal storage or use your cloud space. If you have an iOS device; you can choose from the available options ranging from email to cloud storage services. 

Restore Vault:

The exported vault can be easily imported back again in HexaVault. In addition, there is a built-in bulk information import tool. This lets you quickly import information in bulk from an Excel spreadsheet. 


Information encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standard with 256 bit key.
Encrypted vault remains on your phone/tablet and not on a server/cloud.
Auto locking of vault after 30 seconds of inactivity.
Take backup of your vault on your preferred cloud drive or on your storage device.


Uconomix Technologies

Google Play:


User Guide:
thanks for great detailed review Heart
great app
Thanks for great interesing review. Thumb  
Great and useful app.
Thanks for the review
Very good review. It looks a very useful app. Thanks a lot.
Thanks for the review for a password manger app that seems to be a powerful encryption one

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