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EPIC WINDSCRIBE MEME CONTEST!! Win a dank year of Windscribe Pro!
[Image: 5f16035a0cee.png]
EPIC WINDSCRIBE MEME CONTEST!! Win a dank year of Windscribe Pro!

Instead of doing the usual Monthly Scribe this month, we're instead going to do something a bit more spicy. For the next 30 days, we will be having a MEME COMPETITION to once and for all prove that Windscribe VPN community is best VPN community.

Contest rules:

Make a meme that's somehow related to Windscribe and post it in the comments. That's it. Roasting other VPNs is also definitely accepted. Submissions can be in the format of images, videos, gifs, webms, etc. We want funny, we don't care what format it's in. Heck, you can draw it on a napkin with crayons if that's what you want.

Here are some prime examples that we've already created.

The Contest Winner will receive 1 Year of Windscribe Pro AND a Steam game of their choosing. We would send the winner this but then we'd need your address and we ain't about that life.
The winner will be chosen by the Windscribe team on August 20th and will be crowned an Official Meme Master in our subreddit so open up MS Paint and get to it!

Thanks for the share. Lots of good ones so far. Good luck to all of you that enter.

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