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pro rx new update 11 major rollback

Rollback Rx Pro 11.0 NEW MAJOR UPDATE
Rollback Rx Pro 11.0 Build #: 2703661070

Last Updated: 02 July 2018

– GUI redesign
– Renewed Microsoft Authenticode signing certificate
– New licensing algorithm and format
– New RSA encryption based license authentication
– Add program setting: Keep no more than X snapshots
– Add program setting: automatically disable Rollback Rx to install Windows Updates that changes bootloader (BCD)
– Modify the tray icon class (CShdTray) to reduce the chance of loading tray icon time-out error
– Add option to hide uninstaller from Windows Control Panel/Add and Remove programs

You can hide RollBack uninstaller from Windows Control Panel/Add and Remove programs by adding the following line in the setup.ini file:

– Modify Setup INI wizard to support the new program settings
– The installer will prompt with the appropriate error message if the system disk is encrypted or compressed

– Add asynchronous communication model to the device driver
– Add disk cache to synchronous communication model drivers
– Patch disk IO that occurs after Windows has started the shutdown process

– Fix the bug of locking dump file in redirecting dump thread
– Support resuming in uninstall and update baseline process
– Fix BSOD caused by disabling Rollback Rx
– Fix mount snapshots as virtual drives problem on cross-linked partitions

– Expand the pre-OS module data cache from 4GB to 32GB for processing update baseline
– Change Update baseline from pre-OS module to Windows modules
– Increase shield.res to 1.5MB to support Windows OS upgrades
– Add option to install Rollback Rx bootloader into PBR (instead of MBR) for systems that change MBR frequently
– Add shdcmd.exe /logodelaytime command
– Fix the bugs on updating sectors during uninstall

– Change name from Remote Management Console (RMC) to EndPoint Manager
– Add scheduled tasks for remote run
– Modify the Send Files function
– Add Copy/Cut/Paste commands for managing clients between groups
– Add check license maintenance feature
– Add install Windows Updates feature
– Add Windows Updates column in the Detail View to show Windows update status
– Administrator can limit user rights to selected groups
– Administrator can limit scheduled tasks to selected groups
– Add backup EndPoint Manager server database feature
– Add restore EndPoint Manager server database feature
– Add Automatically query and add clients to group
– Add clients settings for setting Rollback Rx clients new settings

Many small compatibility problems reported by customers through technical support





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