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championship giveaway world 2018

World Championship 2018 [Giveaway]
I will definitely go to Russia !
(06-20-2018 , 11:34 AM)hakah Wrote: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.I will definitely go to Russia !
My friend hakah, we do not argue here that you will not go to Russia, but call the name of the winner of the championship. It's a giveaway. Will you name the winner?  Smile
He probably means Russia to be the Champions.
Today is the last day, tomorrow the giveaway will be closed.
Giveaways are closed. The winner will be announced after the final.
The chance to win remained only with Kommodos, as he was the only one to vote for France. And since the French just defeated the Belgians. In general, I want to tell you this championship is really unpredictable.
Winner kommodos,all the licenses were sent. Congratulations.
congrats to winner Heart

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