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Word Games Giveaway
This topic will include all Word games that are available for free for a limited time

[Image: 2517334Todilo.jpg]

Interactive online game.
->A player draws and others guess what it is.
->The player who draws receives word that will draw. The word is multilingual, every snake in the language that has been set.
->Whoever guesses, she continues drawing.
->If the game only one player draws automat (robot).

All words can be viewed in the list. The player can choose the difficulty of drawing a word.
Playing in multiple, separate chats.

The game supports fantasy and imagination. Besides great fun, you can also learn some foreign words.

Voice input is supported.

You can also create your own chat and play with friends you choose.

There is no registration or login in the game.

Keywords: todlio guess word draw drawing fun chat friends fantasy online

Word Bank

[Image: 0hrSnVh6A79KkrVwHYQQEhtagYpo_sfADFYcurd7...=w720-h310]



Purple three-dimensional buttons:
Graphics from
free restart icons from
Graphics from
Close button source : PNG HD X
Icons made by Kiranshastry from is licensed by CC 3.0 BY
Quizio PRO: Quiz game

[Image: FjacNQyZU13nai0y5wNWvmfAvW4GkrWrKvKc3U_T...=w720-h310]

Quizio PRO is exciting trivia game for adults and children where you will find questions about geography, cinema, music , chemistry, physics, history, math etc.

Some of the features:
★ More than 3500 questions
★ 7 categories: General, History, Geography, Science, Soccer, Game of Thrones, Mixed
★ 5 difficulty levels
★ 3 supported languages: english, spanish, russian
★ Use offline, no internet needed
★ No Complex Rules
★ Frequent application updates!
Word Cage PRO

[Image: DJQWexoxkgj3xw47HvXOjkf8CzISTQnH9pIRnDnP...20-h310-rw]

Word Cage is a new relaxing word search game with an original gameplay, three game modes to choose from and thousands of possible words to be found! 

How many words will you create from the provided letters? Will you make it into TOP20 highscores?

The game has no ads and no In-App purchases.

How to play: Move you finger over the letters on the board to highlight a group of 9 letters you will play with! With the group selected create as any words as you can! The game recognizes if the word exists, if so, there will be shown a submit button, press it to submit your word!

Game modes:
* Fast - no new letters added
* Easy - Each word with 4+ letters will add new letters
* Hard - Each word with 5+ letters will add new letters

* longer words = better score!
* press on the selected letter to erase the whole word!
* press on the letter outside the group to deselect the whole group!

* No ads, no In-App purchases
* Three game modes - Fast, Easy, Hard
* Original & addicting word search game with thousands of English words included
* Global leaderboards included - compare your score with points of other people from all around the world!
* Share your score
WordMix Pro

WordMix Pro is a fun and addictive word dice game. If you likecrossword puzzles or anagrams, this is just the game for you! It'sgreat fun on tablets, too. PRO VERSION: Here is what you get extrawith WordMix Pro: • 3D graphics, sounds and animations • swapletters during the game • maths "dictionary" • more backgroundsBuy WordMix Pro to support the developers. Toss the dice andarrange the jumbled letters to form valid words, both horizontallyand vertically. Try to use as many tiles as possible before thetime runs out. You get points for the letters used only in correctwords. For all other letters you get minus points. Challengeyourself, and see what words you can find in each game. Availabledictionaries: Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian,Italian, Japanese (experimental), Portuguese, Romanian, Russian,Turkish, Spanish, Maths (e.g. "5*2+4=7*2") You can add new words toany of the dictionaries, even during the game. Also, you candisable the dictionary completely. In the internal word list youcan find all the words you ever played. The local highscore listhelps you keep track of your achievements. You can also upload andcompare your scores with other players in the online ranking list.Have fun discovering just how much of a word wiz you are!
Five Words

[Image: J8BlbMZ4WDuC0gkB8GbaV9YzHzksRKcKz_2Tr09V...20-h310-rw]

FIVE WORDS - Train your brain with a new type of word game puzzle!
Rearrange tiles to create a square of 5 five letter words that read the same across and down.

Five Words is an easy to learn and easy to play word game. Just drag the letter tiles at the bottom of the screen to the square at the top to create a grid of 5 words that read the same across and down. So if the first word across is "WORDS" then the first word down must be "WORDS" as well, and so on. The levels are not timed allowing you to play at your own pace and your current game is saved if you need to leave and come back later. The minimalist interface was designed for tablets and phones.

Unlike other word games out there, Five Words does not require you to download additional puzzle packs to keep playing. All one million+ unique puzzle combinations are included for free. Also unlike other word games where many of the words sound made up, we use mostly common everyday English words for our puzzles.
Word Search Champion PRO

[Image: 7b6wLXr9HHhr812HGNPuaUBv6AABH7KwMY4R2-mI...20-h310-rw]

Same letters & rules for everyone, who will become a new Word Search Champion?

Our game is different, our game is totally fair! All the players are playing with the same letters! Challenge yourself! How many words will you create, will you be able to make it into TOP20 highscores? Compare you score with other people from all around the world and go for highscores!


✓ Choose a board of letters to play with. There will be shown 77 letters on the screen, the same letters for everyone playing the selected board. Slide your finger over the neighboring letters and create words with minimum of 3 letters. There will be shown words points in case that the word you created exists. Release your finger to submit your points! Try to get the best score possible. 


✓ Each letter has its own points, longer words you create better score you get. There are also bonus letters on the board that multiply your word points (2x/3x). Bonuses also multiply each other! Example: a word "FUN" will contain 2x bonus and 3x bonus, in total it will be word points multiplied by 6, because 2*3 = 6. Clear the whole board for extra bonus points (2500).


✓ Visit an options section (a top left corner of the main menu) if you want to disable score submissions.
✓ Tap on the white bar at the top of the gameplay screen to change the background color.


✓ A fair word search game for all ages
✓ All the players play with the same letters
✓ Over 200 000 English words included
✓ 5 Boards to choose from
✓ Challenge people from all around the world
✓ No ads, No In-app purchases
✓ Submit and share your points 
✓ More games your play, better overall score you get

We wish you a lot of fun with our word game Word Search Champion!
Color Confusion: Word Puzzle

[Image: aP-GsXaRI0yYuqTHjuqQmJFMKmyrCPPli_6ufeTz...20-h310-rw]

Color Confusion is a puzzle game which uses both left brain signals (word) and right brain signals (colors) and rewards user for choosing the color signal, hence strengthening neural connections in the right brain.
The user has to click on the color of the word displayed, not the color the word says.
The time limit for every click is set to one second and therefore quick response is expected.
It can be confusing and puzzling at first but eventually you will inherit the muscle memory required.
The benefits of training the right brain is creativity, intuitions, symbolism, better imagination, focus in the present moment, better control over feelings and spatial perception.
Word Games Pro

[Image: 3AGWSIqrQsTl-4dEiYMQ1pJF2EXFIpenrGTXazRa...20-h310-rw]

This is the unlimited, ad-free, version of Word Games. Word Games is a great collection of games based, in part, on principles of cognitive psychology to help you practice verbal skills. This app contains all 9 of Mindware's word games to help you build your vocabulary, trivia knowledge, and verbal memory. These great games are also included in the top brain training app on the Android platform (Mind Games). 

Description of Games:

Abstraction - Exercise your ability to quickly differentiate between words with a concrete vs. abstract meaning.

Word Flow - Exercise your verbal memory for words.

Similarities Scramble - Test and improve your knowledge of word relationships.

Speed Trivia - Test and improve your knowledge of general trivia and information.

Verbal Concepts - Practice your ability to categorize words and conceptual thinking skills.

Vocabulary Star - Improve your vocabulary and spelling skills.

Vocabulary Power - An un-timed multiple choice vocabulary task.

Word Memory - Memorize 30 words and see if you can remember them.

Word Prefixes - Practice and improve your knowledge of word prefixes.

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