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Sports Games Giveaway
This topic will include all Sports games that are available for free for a limited time
Premier Bowling Scorekeeper (BDSS!)

[Image: yqS0T7K9SjCPkpNVD5LLOcDcY7JuhYsSlI_V37Un...=w720-h310]

For a limited time only! Upgrade in-app to UNLIMITED bowlers for only $1.99 USD.

Bowl! Drill! Score! Stat!, or BDSS!, is a premier bowling score keeper and game tracking app. BDSS! comes complete with everything you’d expect of a typical bowling score keeping app, but also includes a wide variety of advanced features for the serious bowler, youth leader or college coach. 

Features include:

* Robust game and pin fall tracking for league, tournament, open and drill bowling.
* Supports both frame-by-frame game entry, or Quick Score Entry (QSE) for simply entering final game score.
* Provides game tracking for Regular and Baker bowling formats, commonly used in collegiate tournaments and youth travel leagues. 
* Detailed metrics that can be viewed at many levels including game, series, league level, tournament level, open bowl level and even all-bowling level. 
* Detailed individual person statistics for Baker format games. 
* Full game and frame edit capabilities. 
* Easily retrieve past games for view or edit.
* View real-time metrics as games are being captured. 
* Capture game attributes such as oil pattern, bowl date, lane numbers, etc.
* Capture frame and ball level attributes such as ball used, ball speed, target boards, etc. 
* Two score input modes available. Use the Number Selector to input simple pin counts, or use the Pin Selector to capture exact pin leaves. 
* Ability to track notes at the frame and game level.
* Share a single game, series or ALL report results on Facebook, text message, email, etc.
* Full backup and restore features. Easily backup to cloud based services such as Google Drive or Drobox.
* A built-in bowling ball speed calculator.
* Help information on virtually all forms.
* Supports for multiple concurrent bowlers.
Parkour Extreme

[Image: xBv6r16ulheozmJlrktSrvosTWemfB0c-6-kXmg_...=w720-h310]

Make crazy jumps, run along the walls and climb the buildings in this game. You will get a lot of positive emotions thanks to the realism of graphics and movements
Hot Bird Pro

Fly the bird through the fire. Complete challenges along the way to be crowned a winner.

New to the world of Hot Bird? Hot Bird Pro is the best way to enjoy and have fun while also learning something new.
Hockey Manager:

[Image: ICPskmJ.jpg]

Hockey Manager is a must-have tool for innovative and successful coaches, managers and scouts. Aided by this app strengths and weaknesses not only of your own team but also of opposing teams can be analyzed. This competitive advantage might decide whether your team makes the play-offs or is eliminated. Unanswered questions like “How many shots does a player need to score a goal?” or “How does an opposing player shoot penalties?” is a thing of the past. The following analysis can be executed:

•Shot stats
•Scoring stats
•Assist stats
•Plus / Minus stats
•Notes about specific players

Each stat can be filtered by season, league or individual players. Stats can be analyzed during games and be used as a foundation of your next speech inside the locker room. Other than that analysis can be exported and shared by email or social media.
Another feature that comes with this app is the management of lineups. Either your own team but also the opposing team can be tracked.

Furthermore this app offers a digital drawing board, which can be used for tactical meetings or to create drills. Created drawings can easily be saved as images and be posted at the locker room. It comes with common symbols, like pylons, pucks or attacking/defending team. In addition to that finger drawn lines can be visualized as different types, such as passing or skating forward with puck.

Lineups, stats or practice drawings can be exported and shared by email or social media. In addition to that, these images can be saved and therefore coaches can make them available to players in a printed or digital version inside the locker room.

By using this app long bus rides can be used for an efficient preparation and post-processing of games.

Onward is a Mil-Sim paced tactical multiplayer shooter, being developed for virtual reality head mounted displays. Players will use coordination, communication, and marksmanship skill to complete objectives in online infantry combat.[Image: 2019-02-02_021110.1549062655.jpg]

Игра в раннем доступе
24  Available again

iBasket Pro - Street Basketball:

[Image: 1530236iBasket.jpg]

The best basketball game is here! With more game modes and challenges, iBasket is one of the most addictive basketball games of the moment. Get ready for the competition and demonstrate you're the king of the court! iBasket comes back refreshed with many new features. If you used to like it before, now you'll love it!

The mechanics of the game is very simple. You should try to score the maximum number of balls inside the basket at the proposed time. The ball will appear in different positions and distances so you have to calculate the trajectory and shooting power.

- Trace the trajectory of the ball by moving your finger on the screen.
- Help yourself with the dashed line to score.
- Separate your finger from the screen to launch it.

With iBasket you will not stop playing basketball for hours. The game offers you different game modes to demonstrate your skill with the ball.

-Quick match
-Online match
-Match against machine

Challenge your friends or players from around the world in the multiplayer mode. This game mode is a lot of fun since you can see in real time the shots your opponent is making. You can see all his movements and the score he is getting. The most addictive iBasket mode!

-- TIPS --
- Throw the balls as fast as you can to increase the score.
- Get clean shots without touching the hoop and you will get extra time.
- Score several baskets in a row and multiply your points.

iBasket offers basketball courts with different awesome designs and features so you can choose the one you like the most.

Classic court: Perfect for training and understanding the mechanics of the game.

Street court: It is midnight and you are playing in a dark backstreet. The perfect scene to sharpen your shooting skills..

Jupiter:You are playing in space, gravity has changed and the basket is moving. Ready to play on another planet?

Storm:The rain and the wind will make it difficult. It's time to demonstrate your skills with the ball!

The challenges are basketball games with different obstacles and goals. Will you overcome all the challenges?

Strange balls: Swords, bananas, small balls... Get the highest score with these crazy balls!

Obstacles: Try to score by avoiding obstacles or making use of the elements that appear on the screen.

Hoop in motion: The basket will move across the court from left to right. Measure distances well to get maximum points.

Nothing but the net: This challenge is designed for players with the sharpest aim. You will not be able to touch the hoop or the ball will bounce. Only for iBasket experts!

You can check your statistics and iBasket overall score and your position compared to the rest of basketball players around the world. In addition, the game proposes different goals that you will have to overcome. Find them all from the achievements screen!

We are happy to receive your suggestions. Inside the game you will find a specific section so you can send us your comments or report errors and help us improve the game.

Thank you for helping us improve iBasket!

SIKE! Bank Shot Basketball

[Image: rCjrHCfL2-sJ3ewutmMiqKZJa3TwobSqebGU47FK...=w720-h310]

Let's play something different!

Fun & Challenging - Swipe to shoot and bounce off the wall to make the basket. Easy to learn, but hard to master. Don't get SIKED (psyched) out if you can't make the shots. The key is to keep trying and learn how to shoot using angles.

? Fun and easy to learn swipe basketball shooting game.
? Obtain experience points to gain levels and to unlock balls and different areas.
? Achievements with Google Play Game Services integration.
? Local and global leaderboards.*
? WiFi connection is not required to play.**
Football Challenger - League

This game is simple but unique and exciting!!

- This game focuses on tactics and the deployment of opponent, only a small amount of randomness, a fault tactics even though re-play 100 times will not be successful!
- Player's abilities, moves and tactics can be seen in the game match, and you will realize when should you start defending or man-marking. (Set offside trap may be a good choice)
- As a coach, you can also participate in the match, the team need your "finger" fatal pass! Besides, your personal ability value will also be upgraded due to competition.

- Each player has a 9 abilities shown and 6 hidden values (you have to feel it from the game match)
- Not only allow you to set formation and tactics, you can also set movement of each player, man-marking or ask someone to try more long shot
- Opponent also keep changing tactics in match, sometimes even man-marking to your players, so keep an eye on the match!
- There are total over a thousand players in game which you can transfer or sell from your team!
- No in-app paid, we insist on fair play and safe to children!
- try using simplest English so that people around the world can enjoy!

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