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productivity office

Productivity and Office
Mind Melody Pro: stay focus & higher productivity:

[Image: 7576344PPP.jpg]

You feel difficult to focus at work? You have tried many ways but it does not work out. This Mind Melody: stay focus & higher productivity is created just for you.

Using Mind Melody will help you:
• Keep Calm & Stay focus
• Higher Productivity
• Enjoy Relax
• More Creative

[Image: 7591579pppppp.jpg]

• Mix sounds
Easy to select and mix sounds like Rain, Thunderstorm, Wind, Forest with Birds, Water Steam, Seaside, Fire place, Summer Night... You can also adjust the volume of certain sound

• Create favorited combo
After mixed your favorited sound, you can save it as a Relax Combo and replay it at any time you want.

• Create own sound
You can use record function to create your own sound. After that, you can replay it or mix it with another sounds

• Configuration with timer
This app support you to set up play time and automatically turn off time as you wish.

• Running in background state
This app can run parallel with other apps on your device.

• Configuration display
You can setup background color, animation time and display mode as you like.

>>>Giveaway is over!

It is paid for me, is it region dependent?
(02-22-2019 , 10:06 AM)tarekma7 Wrote: It is paid for me, is it region dependent?

It was free for everyone(Tested yesterday)
Strange! the Promo is over very quickly! Smile
Crazy File Explorer Pro

[Image: 1745037CFE.jpg]

Manage your files easily and efficiently with Crazy File Explorer Pro.

Crazy File Explorer Pro lets you smoothly browse your storage with neat and clean material design. Managing files becomes easy with Crazy File Explorer Pro.

Crazy File Explorer Pro provides category views for easy browsing of your music, images, documents etc. You can manage applications on your phone, it shows a list of installed 3rd party apps as well as System apps, which can be backed up, opened or uninstalled directly from the Crazy File Explorer Pro.

With multiple dark and light themes you can customize File Manager with your color taste.

[Image: 7294712Crazy.jpg]

Highlights of Crazy File Explorer Pro:

★ Manage Files (move, copy, delete, rename, share etc.)
★ Category view for easy browsing of Music, Images, Documents, Videos
★ Manage Applications
★ Search Anywhere
★ Pattern Protected files
★ 30+ Light and Dark color themes
★ Anytime change view from list to grid
★ Zip and Unzip Files
★ Multiple Tabs Support
★ Material Design
★ Ad-Free
★ Neat, Clean, Simple User Interface


(Limited Time offer!)
Storage Organizer
[Image: 2019-04-18_201337.1555607564.jpg]
Ever wondered how many duplicate/empty/corrupted files/folders you have in your phone or SD Card or USB drive ? 

Well... THEY EXIST - and they eat up the precious memory and also blesses you with lots of performance issues

It is not well known that excessive files/folders can cause noticeable performance drift. So, the hundreds or even thousands of empty files & folders can cause serious performance drift. Also, duplicate files/corrupted files eat up the precious memory.

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