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now is backup4all available

tarekma7Update Backup4all
Backup4all 9.2 Build 413

Backup4all 9.3 Build 428

Changes in Backup4all 9.3.428 (18-October-2021):
  • Fixed: On some SFTP servers backup was creating multiple recursive folders
  • Fixed: Duplicate entries in FileVersions/FolderVersions for excluded files/folders
  • Fixed: “All files skipped, nothing to backup” error for some smart backup jobs
  • Fixed: Backup for files with long paths

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Backup4all 9.3 Build 434

Changes in Backup4all 9.3.434 (1-November-2021):
  • Fixed: Cannot import jobs with plugins from v8 to v9
  • Fixed: List index out of bounds error for some specific backups
  • Fixed: Duplicate files for Outlook backups in certain situations

Backup4all 9.4 Build 448

Changes in Backup4all 9.4.448 (19-November-2021):
  • Fixed: Each source expand required authentication for some Box backups
  • Fixed: Mirror with zip on Google Drive created duplicate files in certain situations
  • Fixed: FTP sources were not expanded every time
  • Fixed: Restore mirror with zip showed an incorrect file date
  • Fixed: Close VSS helper app when no jobs are running
  • Fixed: Different file size for some mirror backups
  • Fixed: Data error warning
  • Fixed: Some occasional volume shadow copy issues
  • Fixed: USN journal

Backup4all 9.4 Build 452

Changes in Backup4all 9.4.452 (25-November-2021):
  • Added: Show information about configuration jobs that cannot be imported
  • Fixed: Could not start backup for empty tag
  • Fixed: Access violation in module KERNELBASE.dll
  • Fixed: File progress for mirror with zip

Backup4all 9.4 Build 458

Changes in Backup4all 9.4.458 (2-December-2021):
  • Fixed: Backup from OneDrive without full paths
  • Fixed: Prevent bug reports in ExploreView
  • Fixed: AV Error when triggering a full backup for a differential one
  • Fixed: Cannot import jobs from v4


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