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released version update powertools jv16 1774 major

jv16 PowerTools Major Update Released - Version
Quote:An updated version of jv16 PowerTools has been released. The latest version number is

The latest version can be downloaded here:

For the most common questions about a new version release and their answers, see:

Change Log – What’s New

(compared to jv16 PowerTools build

Here is a complete list of bug fixes and improvements that we did since jv16 PowerTools – Version was last released on Tuesday, August 22, 2017:

Bug Fixes

Fix: Improved compatibility of the Clean and SpeedUp My Computer with Windows 10.
Fix: Improved compatibility of the Software Uninstaller with popular Microsoft products such as Office and OneDrive.
Fix: Find My Licenses tool can display no licenses, even if user has valid licenses.
Fix: The “Restart computer after done” option does not always work with Clean and SpeedUp My Computer.
Fix: Improved compatibility with Windows 10. In the most aggressive mode, Clean and SpeedUp My Computer can list items relating to Windows 10 that may not be safe to delete.
Fix: Improved compatibility with Google Chrome browser.
Fix: Fixed a typo from the message which is shown if user decides to uninstall jv16 PowerTools.
Fix: The Software Uninstaller does not correctly list some common software, such as Notepad++.
Fix: The Software Uninstaller could list Microsoft Office as an installed software, but still didn’t install its components such as Microsoft Outlook, Word, Access etc.
Fix: Although “Open jv16 Power Tools to the Main Tools view …” is NOT checked, the program always opens to the Main Tools view anyway.
Fix: The Software Uninstaller can show unneeded data within the Version column.
Fix: Improved compatibility with Apple Bonjour.
Fix: Fixed a case of bad grammar from the License Agreement.

Feature Improvements

Improvement: Greatly improved the overall accuracy of the Clean and SpeedUp My Computer.
Improvement: Greatly improved the overall accuracy of the Software Uninstaller.
Improvement: Completely rewritten Left-Over Software detection engine now better detects which software is a left-over trace and which are correctly installed.
Improvement: Improved the accuracy of registry errors grouped together in the Clean and SpeedUp My Computer.
Improvement: In the case you attempt to open the program’s Handbook but it does not exist, the software can automatically open it online for you.
Improvement: The Software Uninstaller can now better detect software under the shared software directories.
Improvement: Improved the speed and stability of the Initial Setup.

jv16 PowerTools Update Released – Version

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