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programyzadarmo deleted account

3e6-16hnProgramyzadarmo Account Deleted
Got a reply from oxygenthief, and he told me that they are deleting accounts that post only on giveaways. They should had warned me first before deleting my account. I find it unfair coz I thought that the site is they same with p2d. Smile It’s hard to participate on pzd in some thread coz I don’t understand them, and i need a google translate every time I visited there. Most of the time I’m using my phone when i visits to that site which doesn’t have an automatic translator.
 do not worry [ nie martw się]
Please all members, the admin of PZD is a member here. Let's discuss the problem raised in the first post or you can ask him

No personal attacks will be accepted

Thannks for understanding
Here is the rule:

[Image: qu7vj1O.png]

Also full regulations and rules here:
(03-15-2018 , 10:08 PM)tarekma7 Wrote: Here is the rule:

[Image: qu7vj1O.png]

Also full regulations and rules here:

Sounds like a very good rule to me. I agree we will not tolerate personal attacks on our members of the Promo2day forum.
And whether it's important what's going on in foreign forums
And besides, it is important to me that Mike and Tarekma7 will always help, not some  oxygenthief
My account was deleted, too. I am okay with it as I am not a regular there. At least they didn't ban or restricted me from coming again. I was like, meh... no problems, just register again and participate if I feel..and no personal attacks but that site is not in English, so it will always be hard to contribute anything to that forum, or even feel like contributing...but It's okay, no harm done.
very strict rules in that forum
little freedom, is my opinion
I do not recommend it
never go back there. No No No
few month back my account was deleted Admin, i asked in PM he said he don't need any user those who just come to take part in giveaway don't give something to forum, he also said he agree to few active users than thousand users who are not active on the forum.

I have lots word to say but because of i am responsible person of this forum i won't say anything sorry  Confused

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