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tabbles giveaway collaborate tag basic organize

[Giveaway] Tabbles Basic: TAG, ORGANIZE, COLLABORATE
[Image: BLNW7Y1.png]

I would Like to thank Tabbles Team for sponsoring this Giveaway

[Image: sDZAoiE.png]


Tag your files and emails with your colleagues,
on your hard disk, on network drives or in the Cloud.

Tabbles are special containers that you can use to organize your files, documents, emails, and Internet addresses. You can then use tabbles to find, sort and share your data in a totally new way.


Compatible with: Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10. For LAN mode, it requires Microsoft Sql Server Express 2008 or above.

[Image: uj6GvPv.png]


Tag and search files, emails and bookmarks

Tag files of any kind
Add comments to files
Explorer integration: overlay icons and context menu
Tag emails in Outlook
Tag webpages and bookmarks
Tag Office documents
Tag nesting: allow to create tag hierarchies
“Combine” tags to search for files dynamically
Forget folders, forever

Automation and productivity: auto-tag, share tagging and more

Automatic tagging based on rules
Share tagging and collaborate with other people.
Share tagging: create the tag hierarchy once and make it available to every user
Productivity: tag files via keyboard using auto-completion
Preserve tags when Office documents are sent and received by email
Find the same file through multiple mental paths
Do not lose tags if files are moved with Explorer
Tag freshly downloaded (or newly created) files with one click

Tag files everywhere, even in the Cloud

Tag files in Dropbox/OneDrive folders
Tag files in local or network drives
Search for files in any file system (NTFS, FAT32, EXT4…)

Features in details HERE and HERE

New Features: Version 5.0

[Image: s3VptRj.png]

Add searchable comments to files, in a chat-like fashion

You can finally add comments to files  (or folders).
you can actually write and edit multiple comments on each file – each comment will shows when it was written or modified. If you’re working in a multi-user environment, you can see who wrote what and when, making it look pretty much look like a chat. A bit like slack or Google Wave.

It works fine on local disks, shared drives and Dropbox(-alike) folders. How does it work? you right click on a file and click on “Comments”. You can later also click on the preview of the comment to edit it or to see the whole story (we’ll improve this).

[Image: FxQq4pF.png]

This first build of Tabbles 5 features an extension of the auto-tagging rules that will allow you to search “inside” a file ( search the content of a file or document). When Tabbles files a file contains the keyword, the file is automatically tagged based on the rule(s) you set up. To achieve we’re using the awesome Tika library, the full list of files we can extract text from is here.

Basically you can use this feature to:

Automatically tag any new file (document) you create, that contain a certain word.

Every time a file is created that contains a certain word, get a pop-up to notify.
Use Tabbles as data-mining tool: let it go through your hard-drives (local, shared on cloud ones), let it find files with important information and automatically categorize it for you.

[Image: LYaNmBu.png]

Once you set one or more auto-tagging rules, targeting file content, you can then tell Tabbles: “now go and look through this whole disk and find any file that matches any rule”. You do it by right-clicking on a folder (disk) and clicking on Apply auto-tagging rules. Note: if you start from a disk in the left-pane tree, you will need to do: Right-click > Folder menu > Apply auto-tagging rules .

[Image: nqQpJBs.png]

Desktop search: revamping Tabbles search feature and introducing the Unified Search (global shortcut Alt+S)

Unified Desktop Search: one more feature that will make many people happy

Based on feedback from many of you, we’ve revamped our search feature. Search now allows you to search files based on:
– File name and folder
– File content (using Windows Search indexing)
– Tagging of files
– Comments written on files

Note that that we’re not yet indexing file tagging and comments written on files, so if you include that in the search, the operation might be slow.


[Image: ryqccMl.png]

How does it work?

Tabbles unifies the concepts of file tag and virtual folder: users find files by navigating concepts (not folders).

It builds a layer on top of the file system (it does NOT move/delete/copy files or folders), it saves tagging data in its custom internal database and shares it using shared folders (works fine with cloud storage services).

It’s a desktop app: drag’n’drop, copy’n’paste, keyboard shortcuts work as they should.

[Image: z846T4B.jpg]

How is this different from:

Windows explorer: it only allows you to store files into regular (hierarchical) folders.
Google desktop: it reads through files and tries and guess what they’re about. Tabbles works with user-given input, therefore the results of search are much more precise.
Windows 7 Libraries: they allow the user to group and show the content of several folders at once. Tabbles creates a virtual files which is unrelated to folders and user can combine “concepts” to see the data they have in common.

We have 20 Tabbles Basic licenses each valid for 1 year

If you want to win a license leave a reply in this topic

[Optional] share the giveaway on your social media

Each winner will receive 3 basic licenses each is valid for 1 year

Good Luck for all!
Giveaway is open now
Many new features added. Have a look and try it yourself
I really like this software to tag and categorize any file i want Smile

Thank you for the giveaway.

Thanks for the giveaway. 
I want to try this software. 

Thanks  for this very nice giveaway Tarek, I would like to try this awesome tool for myself,
Very good tagging tool.
A brilliant product, have been using the earlier versions for a long time. One of the problems I faced was that whenever I upgraded to the latest version, the database lost all my tags and I had to retag all over once again. Also certain malware defenders raised a red flag on the software. Hope that has been taken care of. Sadly the developer is no more giving perpetual licenses Sad
Looking forward to the Giveaway!!
This giveaway will end in one day, if anyone want to contribute
thank you very much for giveaway. Heart Heart Heart
Giveaway ends. WINNERS :


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