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password lifetime x boss

Password Boss x 3 Lifetime
Thanks for the giveaway

I need Password Boss because I need to securely store all my passwords and sensible data into a secure location, so Password Boss is the solution to this

My favorites features are:

1) 2-step verification
2) Complete synchronization between devices
3) Emergency access
4) Remote device wiping
5) Digital wallet

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I like following features of Password boss 

1)256-Bit AES Encryption protects your data with the same level of security used by banks and governments. AES has never been cracked.

2) Two-factor login without your master password. Not even Password Boss has access to your saved passwords.

3) Turn Password Boss off on individual pages or for an entire site
 Password boss also has a very clean and modern interface.
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Thanks a lot for the giveaway
It's hard to remember all passwords, that's why I need Password Boss
Thanks Cool for the giveaway. Smile

I hadn't heard of Password Boss before.  After reading about it, I decided to try it, and it is impressive. I like the mobile apps, and the browser add-ons. 2-step verification is always nice.
The first encounter their name, I really intrigue and look at it. The program is good and powerful. It also come with wonderful UI. Winning a lifetime license is great opportunity.

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Though I only use one password to all my online accounts, I want Password Boss to give a try.

Features I like:

1. Store every password
2. Automatic website login
3. Protection from security breaches
Thanks for this very nice giveaway....

Currently i am using Lastpass and i am looking another product as good as password boss.l
I also hope to win this lifetime license for my personal use.

I mostly like some features of password boss are: 
  •  Password Boss Portal 
  •  Secure Browser.
  •  Digital Wallet.
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Password Boss has many great features, secure sharing and protection
Remembering all my passwords is a trip to hell. I aways wanted this kind of software.

Features i liked
Import Passwords
Browser Extension
Password Generator
Password Backup

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Thank you for this opportunity.

Never used a password manager but there is a need to unburden myself and when opting for a good password manager, Password Boss seems the best choice to me. Password Boss offers a high degree of security with master password and two factor authentication. 

My choice of features:
  • Strong encryption with AES-256.
  • Unlimited storage & sharing of passwords.
  • Ability to Create unique passwords for every website.

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