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Password Boss Review
[Image: FH14m2y.jpg]

Password Boss is an award-winning password manager that is committed to making your digital life safer. It is a comprehensive easy to use application that will help you to remember all your usernames and passwords. You can access all your passwords anywhere and using any device. The program offers a high degree of security with master password and two factor authentication.  
The problem of bad password habits is the main cause that many users aren’t motivated to change their poor password and even reuse it again. Many users are not using a password manager and even are not aware of its importance to generate and store strong passwords and keep all information secure and easily accessible

In a survey coducted to evaluate why users don't change passwords after breach and how they managed their passwords; the results were:

[Image: iPnHjNi.png]

[Image: BL720Lp.png]


Subscription and Premium Features:

Many subscription options are available on the official website

[Image: 5PHyxyS.png]

[Image: sSdJCIG.png]


Access your passwords from anywhere
Save a password once and it is automatically sent to all of your devices. Setup is easy, whether you are on a desktop, tablet or smartphone.
Simplify online shopping
Automatically fill in online forms with payment details and shipping details with a single click or tap making checkouts effortless.
Safely store digital records
Your digital life is more than just passwords, save all of your ID’s, insurance cards, notes, and anything else that is important.
Easy password sharing
Safely and easily share your passwords and other saved items with trusted family and friends.

[Image: XZanwBS.png]

How Password Boss protects your passwords?

Multiple layers of security protect your personal information to make sure you are the only one with access.
256-Bit AES Encryption protects your data with the same level of security used by banks and governments. AES has never been cracked.
One Master Password means that only you have access to your saved
Two-factor login without your master password. Not even Password Boss has access to your saved passwords.

[Image: 5aFspx5.png]

New features:

Available here:

Completely updated UI on all platforms ; PC, iOS and Android
Lots of great new features: 15 new types of items were added to the app allowing users to keep all of their important information in one secure location and available on any device.
More accurate form filling on web pages
Synchronization between devices is faster.
Emergency access
Shared Folders: The new Folder structure also allows user to easily share an entire folder of items with other people.
Browser Extensions: These extensions have a major upgrade in functionality and ease of use. Users can now access all of their saved items
Turn Password Boss off on individual pages or for an entire site
Update your previous stored passwords when you do changes
Note history; the previous version is saved as a backup



[Image: Mqe9OT4.gif]

First you need to select the platform you need; android, iPhone or Windows. Now install the program in a few simple steps. After installation, you will need to create an account with Master password that protect all your accounts. Please remember that this password is highly confidential and you are the only one who know it. After you complete installation, passwords stored in your browsers will be automatically imported

User Interface:

[Image: XJ6JIbv.png]

The user interface is very friendly, well arranged and easy to use. On the upper part, you can see a horizontal bar with 5 buttons: file, edit, browser extensions, tools and help. The main program area shows left navigation menu and right space which includes options according to your selection from the left menu. The left navigation menu includes passwords, digital wallet, personal info, secure notes and identities. Next there are share center, emergency, secure browser and settings. On the lower part; there’s account type, online backup and synced devices


[Image: Wx4u5Pn.png]
[Image: WfAffsx.png]
[Image: euxfupe.png]
[Image: w0KTy4o.png]
[Image: KJKQUhg.png]

Free trial:

The program lets you enjoy all the Premium features for 30 days which offers you enough time to test all its features and how it is working. The free plan gives you all of our Standard features including unlimited password storage and automatic login to websites for use on a single device.  At any point during the trial you can purchase a subscription. At the end of a trial your account is changed to the Free. Your data remains intact on your device. Features like device sync and online backups will be disabled till you purchase a license. Remember to select a plan before your trial expires.

[Image: oKudiAI.png]

Master Password

It is the key to all of the information in your Password Boss account. It is 8 character with letters, numbers and characters and symbols. Password Boss does not store a copy of your Master Password, and no way the company can help to reset it. If you forgot your Master Password, your account has to be reset and you start over. Any stored data cannot be recovered and will be permanently deleted. If your password is changed within 2 weeks with backup feature enabled you can click on restore my account to restore your previous master password and all changes done after the change of your master password will be lost. In TWO words; NEVER Forget and NEVER Share with any one

Password Boss Portal

It is recommended to create an account on the website. This account will let you do many things and completely control and manage your account. You can manage the devices on your account, users accounts, see your license and subscription, restore or reset your master password. Your account password is not the same as your master password.

2-Factor Authentication:

This is a very useful built-in feature that adds an extra layer of security to your account. Every time you login into your app account, you need to enter a verification code along with your Master Password. This code will be sent to your mobile. Please remember that you need to enable this feature to start using it

Emergency Access:

[Image: JZBiJTM.png]

[Image: oJM8wZg.png]

This is a very useful option with 2-step process; the first is inviting one or more persons to be an emergency contact for you. The second step is when your emergency contact requests access to the items you have specified for him. You can specify the entire account or just selected items according to your wish

Browser Extension:

[Image: OlKpRAZ.png]

After installation, you will be prompted to install the browser extension when you launch it. Simply accept and you will see the program green icon located next to the URL address. This lets you easily get passwords and many other options that are available through the menu button


[Image: QHZGAAY.png]

Password Boss will let you store an unlimited number of unique usernames and passwords. You only need to remember one password; the master. The built-in strong password generator lets you have unique passwords for each site and provides a security score

[Image: rBtsFOM.png]

Import Passwords:

You can easily import passwords from all browsers, using CSV file and some of the other password apps; for example Roboform, LastPass and many others

Password Backup:

Password boss lets you do a backup of all your stored passwords. The process is very easy. Simply use export option located under file menu. This backup file can be encrypted using your Master Password.

Password Generator:

This feature is now available through the browser extension and not the main app. This makes it more accessible for you when you need it. It is very useful for you as the first step in your online security is to make sure you are using strong passwords for each of your accounts, change frequently and store in a safe location. Generated passwords will never be cracked or guessed. You can also use the online password generator which is available for free here:

[Image: NrFV1nb.png]

Share center:

This area lets you retrieve any items shared with you from another Password Boss user

[Image: iuthYRC.png]

[Image: MtidxUP.png]


This is one of the premium features that allows synchronization of all accounts across all supported devices. This will make it easy for you to access passwords and personal data at anytime, anywhere.


All items you save in Password Boss can be arranged in folders. You can easily create, edit and organise folders

[Image: kZFqDQ2.png]

[Image: ZLdjgyJ.png]

Website login:

When you open any of your favorite websites and type your access details (username and password), the program will automatically save these details and next time you visit the website you will be automatically logged in. No need to remember your password again


[Image: uq3sb5T.png]

Many websites ask you to register to be able to use all its features and services. This will take much time and effort. With the use of password boss you can autofill the registration fields using a single mouse click. All you have to do is to fill your details in the program using personal info button. The program has a built-in identity that includes your Name, Address, Phone, Email Address, Company Name and Credit Card. These information together with the personal info will make autofill very easy and quick

[Image: YvHGKg3.png]

[Image: HGNcbiv.png]

[Image: HYClC5j.png]

Sharing items:

You can securely share one item, several items, or an entire folder of items in Password Boss with your friends. The recipient needs a Password Boss account to use the shared item. You will retain the ownership of the shared item and you can cancel it at any time you want

Secure Note:

Password boss has a built-in feature that lets you store any private information in a secure way. Many types are available; for example driver license, insurance, hotel rewards, software license, social security and many more

[Image: dmg4Woh.png]

[Image: S2pKnG3.png]

Online Checkouts (Digital Wallet):

[Image: LChDCR5.png]

For fast online chackouts, password boss offers you a secure digital wallet where you can store your credit cards and bank accounts. Now when you purchase any online items you can complete the whole process in a few minutes

 [Image: pQpZpIh.png]

[Image: KkY4N4S.gif]

Secure Browser:

This is a safe zone for you which offers many advantages. For example; you can creates a SafeZone for secure browsing in any of your favorable websites. This will help you specially with online banking for sensitive financial transactions to be kept private. Additionally, it will block malware, plugins and phishing scams. You can easily set any website to launch with the Secure Browser.

Mobile application:

[Image: sgyWw3R.gif?1]

Password Boss Settings:

These are easily accessible from the left sided navigation bar. These include profile, backup, security, devices, folders, tags, custom views, advanced and disable list

[Image: n6T3Bpm.gif]


Store unlimited number of passwords
Browser extension
Backup your passwords easily and quickly
Access all your data anywhere
High degree of security
Account portal that lets you manage all your devices and subscriptions
Safe browser
Online backup
And many more

Cons: None


Password Boss is a good solution for you to keep all your passwords, digital wallet and any sensitive information in a high secure encrypted form. You can easily access at any time, anywhere using any device with the help of the synchronization feature. All you need now is to download and try yourself
i will read it later very long detailed review as always Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Thumb
After reading the review I have an interest in trying this password manager. Well done product review Tarek.
Thanks for the review.
Thanks a lot for the review
Nice review. Thanks Thumb
Nice review as always Thumb
Good detailed review.
Thank you.

Safely and easily share your passwords and other saved items with trusted family and friends.

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