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action v3 giveaway lifetime 2018 licenses valentines mirillis commercial

[Valentines 2018] Mirillis Action v3.0 Giveaway [Commercial, Lifetime Licenses]
I hope that I can Win! I really need it to start my Youtube Channel
[Image: VlZc3Bl.jpg]

Thanks for the Giveaway!
My favorite features of Mirillis Action are :
1. Time-Shift feature: keeps recording all your current gameplay action in a short loop buffer.
2. Live streaming feature: real-time game play and Windows desktop recording
3. Dual webcam video recording feature: add up to 2 webcam streams to all your real-time game play and 
   desktop recordings.
4. HD video recording directly to MP4 format.
5. Add live audio commentary to create high quality video tutorials.

Twitter shaing link :
favorite features
Smooth HD game: recording up to 120fps
Record gameplay in HD. Benchmark games performance
best recording performance and low CPU usage
Video recording directly to MP4! (H.264/AVC)
Screen and gameplay recording in outstanding 4K
Greenscreen Mode
[Image: DXfEtFDVAAcADmI.jpg]
Thanks for the giveaway guys, my favorite features of Mirillis Action recorder are that the program is runing smoothly on my computer (which is not a top-end, with "only" a Intel i3-4150 e.g.), without any bugs, crashes or other problems, and even more important without lags or slowness, contrary to all other recording programs I used before discovering Action. And this in fullHD @60fps, with sound of course.
One great feature also is the simplicity of the program, no need to be a computer engineer to understand quickly how to record, at a great quality, games or other stuff.
There is numerous other options which seems to be interesting to exploit in the future when I'll get a brand new computer, such as 4k or live streaming.  Cool

Shared on Twitter and Facebook 

My screen, from Rise of the Tomb Raider:
[Image: xfhOYbb.jpg]
Thumbs Up 
согласен это лучшая программа в своём классе мне очень нужна  Smile
Thank you for this giveaway. Mirillis Action! is a very good screen and gameplay recorder.

My favorite features:
1. Desktop Live streaming up to 1080p (60p)
2. Hardware accelerated video encoding support with NVIDIA NVENC and NVIDIA CUDA
3. Excellent Codec performance
4. Drawing panel in Action! 3.0

Twitter share:

Screenshot from Witcher 3:
[Image: 1-1.jpg]
[Image: image.png]

I would like to record a game of "Blade of Fury" or other games and share with my friend who rarely plays. 

My favorite Mirillis Action features!- it is recording from webcam or USB/HDMI capture devices, record the gameplay in HD, the ability to broadcast video games or desktop to all popular services such as YouTube, Facebook and others.

Great Thanks for Exclusive Event  tarekma7

My Favorite Game Torchlight :  

[Image: 1MhmcEe.jpg]

My Favorite Features :

1-Record webcam or USB/HDMI Capture Devices.

2-Ability to add custom logo to video recordings

.3- Support streaming  to YouTube with Predefined export profiles

Giveaway will end soon
My Fav Games is Onigiri.

[Image: oni.jpg]

My Fav Feature : 
1. Hardware accelerated video encoding support with NVIDIA 
2. Drawing panel in Action! 3.0
3. Dual webcam video recording feature & Add live.

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