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How to check your iPhone's battery health and disable performance throttling (iOS 11.
[Image: How-to-check-your-iPhones-battery-health...S-11.3.jpg]

Quote:Alright, alright! So, it turned out all those conspiracy theories about Apple slowing down old iPhones had some type of truth to them. Apparently, Apple put in a mechanism in iOS which would limit hardware performance if the phone's battery had deteriorated and was no longer capable of providing reliable power for the phone to function right. Apple's train of thought was this — better have a slow phone that works instead of one that restarts randomly due to the battery failing.

The problem? Apple forgot to tell the customers that this was happening. So, some people were out there thinking they need a new iPhone when a change of battery would've fixed their performance woes just as well. Cupertino took a few steps to apologize for this miscommunication, one of which was adding a new Battery submenu in iOS 11.3, which will very clearly let users know what their iPhone's battery health is as well as whether the phone is being throttled or not.

Back to the point — what if you don't want your performance limited? What if you just want to use the full power of the phone and risk the occasional restart? Well, that's also possible! Here's how to do it!

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