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OnePlus 6 Release Date, Price & Specification Rumours
Quote:OnePlus used to be the phone maker only geeks had heard of, and the difficulty of actually getting hold of one of its devices only added to their appeal. That's all set to change with the upcoming OnePlus 6, but even without its exclusivity the OnePlus 6 will have the goods to win over users: having already bested Samsung's specs, this flagship killer now has Apple in its sights.
Face ID, which debuted with the iPhone X in September, is a biometric authentication facial recognition feature that replaces the Touch ID fingerprint scanner. 'Borderless' circa-18:9 displays are becoming more common in smartphones, especially flagships, but devoting almost the entire front surface of the phone leaves the annoying issue of where do you put the fingerprint scanner. For those who don't want to stick it on the rear there's now the option to embed it in the display, or to use an iris scanner. 
The OnePlus 5T already supports face-recognition, but it's not secure enough to be used with mobile payments. Android Marvel reports that OnePlus will boost its existing tech to rival Face ID, enabled with the use of a front-facing infrared 3D camera module that works even in the dark. This will be in the top bezel, it claims, and you won't see any iPhone X-style 'notch' in the upcoming OnePlus 6.

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