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nxpowerlite desktop

NXPowerLite Desktop 7
[Image: Bo58IHD.png]

Compress PDF, Microsoft Office and JPEG files effortlessly

NXPowerLite Desktop will compress PDF, Microsoft Office and JPEG files simply and effectively by up to 95%, making them easy to email as attachments. It is especially effective on files that don’t zip well.

PDF and Microsoft Office files often contain lots of high-resolution images, and background data not required for normal use of the file. NXPowerLite removes this data and excess bytes from internal graphics and standalone JPEGs to radically reduce files to their smallest size - without compromising quality. Optimized files stay in the same format, so a JPG remains a JPG even when optimized. It will look and feel identical to the original, just much smaller.

With productivity enhancing integrations for both Windows Explorer and Microsoft Outlook, oversized files will be a thing of the past.



Download size:   23.3 MB

[Image: uEgsDfU.png]

Free Trial:

You can download a free fully functional trial version of NXPowerLite Desktop for Windows today. The free trial has two limitations, 14 days use and 20 files to be compressed. This gives you enough time for evaluation of the features of the program before purchase of a license

[Image: oze9h2V.png]


This is very easy and doesn’t require any skills. Double click on the installer and follow on screen instructions. You need to choose from three options “complete, typical and custom” installation. The complete installation offers you all the program features while the typical is the type recommended for most users

[Image: asg5yjE.png]

[Image: ga0S0iB.png]

[Image: LTl0sy3.png]

[Image: EftnnK1.png]

[Image: jP7vLZt.png]

Price:   $47

[Image: yqEEU2g.png]

You can purchase a license from the official website. If you buy a licence you can install it on more than one machine so long as you are the only user of the software.


After purchase, a license key will be sent to your email. Simply, register the software using 'Enter Key' button in About dialogue.

[Image: IZknSjU.png]

System Requirements:

Windows XP SP3 and above
NXPowerLite integrates with 32 & 64-bit versions of the following applications (Versions 2000 - 2016):
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
NXPowerLite can automatically optimize email attachments in the following email clients:
Microsoft Outlook (2000 - 2007) [32-bit only] *
Microsoft Outlook (2010 - 2016) [32-bit & 64-bit]
Lotus Notes (6 - 9)
Outlook Express [32-bit only]
Windows Mail (6.0+) [32-bit only]
Integration with Office 2000 and Office XP may continue to work, but these versions are no longer actively supported

Supported file types:

PDF Documents   
Microsoft PowerPoint presentations (PowerPoint 97-2016)
Microsoft Word documents (Word 97-2016)
Microsoft Excel spreadsheets (Excel 97-2016)
JPEG images
All the above formats contained within zip archives.

User Interface:

[Image: PgVemhz.png]

Functions & features:

Compress PDF, Microsoft Office and JPEG files by up to 95%
No visible loss of quality between original and compressed file
Files stays in the same format and functionality
Perfect for avoiding bounce back when sending email attachments
Handy productivity integrations for Windows Explorer and Microsoft Outlook

How NXPowerLite technology works:

PDF and Microsoft Office files often contain lots of high-resolution images, and background data not required for normal use of the file. NXPowerLite removes this data and excess bytes from internal graphics and standalone JPEGs to radically reduce files to their smallest size - without compromising quality.

PDF compression:

The program helps to significantly reduce file size without impacting on document quality. It reduce PDF File Size Up To 95%. It offers secure local file compression with simple Interface

[Image: bRkHsBL.png]

Compress Word Document:

compress a Microsoft Word document to a smaller size without impacting quality

[Image: Ug6mNFz.png]


PPT compression software to significantly reduce file size up to 95% without impacting on visual quality

[Image: L466sSc.png]


XLS file compression software to significantly reduce file size up to 95%  without impacting on quality

[Image: 85rn8OE.png]

Compress JPEG File Size:

JPEG compression software to significantly reduce JPEG file size Up To 95% without impacting on visual quality

[Image: MbUkdpp.png]

How to use the program?

There are three main ways to optimize files with NXPowerLite. The first is to use the NXPowerLite application directly. The second is to automatically compress files when sending by Outlook email. The third is to simply use the quick optimize in Explorer using the right-click options

In the classic way done through the program interface, you can add files or folders using the add button or simply by drag and drop. You will need to specify the save profile and optimize profiles before starting to optimize. That’s all!

[Image: zMfOdcz.png]

[Image: EJ4R0YP.png]

[Image: iSgBluo.png]

[Image: 9a1adM3.png]

In the second way using Microsoft outlook, the program integrates with Microsoft Outlook. Many versions are supported including from version 2002 to 2016. The program has a built-in feature that helps to automatically optimize email attachments as they are sent.

[Image: x0uOiyL.png]

If you installed NXPowerLite with a 'Typical' or 'Complete' setup, Microsoft Outlook integration will be initially enabled. Now, at any time you try to send an email with attachment, the program will optimize it automatically. 

[Image: qCiDtmi.png]

If you don't want to optimize a specific email attachment, just click the 'NXPowerLite enabled' button in the ribbon

Global settings:

[Image: Yx1804R.png]

These settings are specific for the Microsoft outlook integrated app. It is easily accessible with a simple click on the 'NXPowerLite options' button in the main Outlook window and choose 'Settings. It is categorized under two buttons, attachment and optimize profile.
You can edit any option in the global settings such as minimum attachment size, exclusion of file types and auto-zipping you need to
Additionally, you can also configure how NXPowerLite handles attachments; which it optimizes or not, along with rules to control automatic zipping of attachments. In the Optimize Profile tab you can configure optimization settings. For example; select whether light or aggressive optimization of attached files

Windows Explorer:

After installation of the program, it integrates with the windows explorer so that it will be very easy for you to optimize any file you want with two mouse clicks. For example; PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Excel or JPEG file. The process is very easy, all you have to do is simply right-click of the file then choose the option you want from the ‘NXPowerLite’ sub-menu. You can select any number of files up to 10,000 files at any one time.

[Image: 1IFDYKT.png]

Right click menu options for supported files :

[Image: 0UREuZi.png]

Add: If you select this option, the program main screen will start and the file will be added for optimizing.

Optimize this option allows you to create optimized copies immediately in the same folder. It will leave the original file or replace it with backup copy according to your selection

[Image: gyeeNgu.png]

If you select optimize and send to, you have one of three options; send to compressed (zipped) folder
which collect the optimized versions in a zip archive alongside the original file, or you can send the files to mail recipient in its form or as zipped file

[Image: czWcilY.png]

Sometimes, when you try to reduce a specific file, the operation fails with an error. No problem, you need to know that there are many reasons for this. You can visit this page for more details:


The settings include three main options; save profile, file naming and optimize profiles

The save profile offers you the option to save the output file in the same or in another directory as the original file and to keep the original file or to replace it

[Image: guJ6AD0.png]

File naming allows you to add text to the backup or the optimized files. You can add any text you want

[Image: KmYwsBw.png]

The optimize profile lets you set the compression options for PDF, office and image files. The optimize profile can set to screen, print, mobile, screen (no flattening), print (no flattening) or custom

[Image: BQ2XoCv.png]

[Image: 8UYB1fG.png]

[Image: wzvPiBQ.png]

I tried to compress a large PDF file and the result was amazing regarding the size and the quality of the output file. The original file size was 445 Mb and the output compressed file was 127 Mb with the same quality. 

[Image: pYt8VOO.png]

[Image: YdNUxt0.png]

[Image: rSia5T7.png]


NXPowerLite is the best software solution that will compress your PDF, office and image files up to 95%. It saves much of your hard disk space with no change in the quality of the output file. It is quick, easy to use and simple. You can send large files as email attachments with no problems 
Excellent very detailed review tarekma. Thank you for the hard work.
as always thanks for detailed review tarekma Heart
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Thanks for the review.

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