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released 57 firefox mozilla

Mozilla Firefox 57.0.4 Released
#1 See what’s new in Firefox!
Release Notes tell you what’s new in Firefox. As always, we welcome your feedback. You can also file a bug in Bugzilla or see the system requirements of this release.

Firefox Release
January 4, 2018

Version 57.0.4, first offered to Release channel users on January 4, 2018
Brace yourself for an all-new Firefox. It’s fast. Really fast. It’s over twice as fast as Firefox from 6 months ago, built on a completely overhauled core engine with brand new technology from our advanced research group, and graced with a clean, modern interface. Today is the first of several releases we’re calling Firefox Quantum, all designed to get to the things you love and the stuff you need faster than ever before. Experience the difference on desktops running Windows, macOS, and Linux; on Android, speed improvements are landing as well, and both Android and iOS have a new look and feel. To learn more about Firefox Quantum, visit the Mozilla Blog.

Making Firefox look, feel and perform faster was no small feat. Employees and volunteers from around the world worked in record time to create the best Firefox yet. We'd like to extend a special thank you to all of the new Mozillians who contributed to this release of Firefox!

Security fixes to address the Meltdown and Spectre timing attacks :file:///C:/Users/mrtro/AppData/Local/F-Secure/Antivirus/ScanningReports/scan_report.html SCANNING REPORT
Thursday, January 4, 2018 11:13:29 PM - 11:13:34 PM
Scan type: Scan for viruses
Target: "C:\Users\mrtro\Desktop\Firefox Installer.exe"
Items scanned: 1
No harmful items found
No harmful items found
Version information
Scanning engines:

F-Secure Aquarius: 11.00.01, 2018-01-05
F-Secure Hydra: 5.18.53, 2018-01-03
F-Secure Online: 17.03.00
F-Secure USS: 5.08.200, 2017-11-09

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