Post Your Favorite Place to be on New Years Eve & Win!
Thanks a lot for the giveaway. I plan to spend the last day of the year with my family drinking a small glass of wine and watching fireworks.
I have celebrate the new year with my family lot of fireworks and rockets in the sky
I have this day going to Wellington to enjoy the Happy New Year.
I will spend the last day of the new year on a trip to Finland.
My license for Eset ends January 2. Smile

Thanks Mike.
I have organized the New Year party all the friends, family, relatives and colleagues invite
to celebrate this day.
I'll be at the hospital coz my mom is in hospital. I just don't want her to feel alone coz this is the first time she won't be home on new year's eve. Gonna watch It's a Wonderful Life movie with her as we always do on 31st dec.
I will be with my family
Enjoying myself by doing nothing at all with the family.
Think will be just eating and enjoying during these days with family & friends.
Definitely staying around with family and loved ones during New Years Eve.

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