Post Your Favorite Place to be on New Years Eve & Win!
Not sure where I'd be on New Year's... but I'd love to be on a beach in the Caribbean... drink in hand  Tongue
We have this hangout place at the back of the house and we party there on New Year! Small gazebo type thing. BBQ beer and fruits! Smile Added this image last year. This was before everything got hilarious when the party boopers came spraying beer all over! Happy New Year!
[Image: 9fmwpf.png]
The best way to start the New Year is to propose your love and begin a new journey in life.
I have spend the new year with my family and freinds. Enjoy this day some shampin with my freinds.
I will going to pub with my freinds to enjoy this Happy New Year.
I'll be in a Chinese restaurant with my wife and some friends eating and drinking fine wine and champagne.
Happy New Year to all.
that all wars end this new year.!
I would like to spend New Years Eve in a small house in the mountains.
My favorite place to spend New Year's Eve is my home with loved ones.
Enjoying my holidays with family and loved ones at  my cozy home as usual. Big Grin
No plans right now :-/ , so I will spend it at Home with my Kid Smile

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