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toolbox review 2018 powerarchiver

PowerArchiver 2018 Toolbox Review
[Image: LTROnnL.png]

The fastest PowerArchiver 2018 release is now available in the beta stage. The final release will soon be available. After introducing the amazing Advanced Codec Pack, PowerArchiver 2018 goes back to the basics and comes with an optimized experience that makes it the fastest PowerArchiver release ever! The program interface and code were significantly improved which help to makes PowerArchiver faster. PowerArchiver now starts in less than 1s on faster computers and up to 3x faster in general on all devices. This makes it one of the best software solutions for you.
Additionally, if you are one of those who don’t like the classic look, there are many beautiful skins and deep customization that were added to the new interface to make it amazing. The updated version has many new features such as tabs support, internal pdf preview (built in, independent), returned the ribbon, an all-new zip engine and much more

[Image: injCYdB.png]


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Current version: [Beta]

[Image: bmahTpD.png]

Release date: 14/12/2017

Size: 36,308 KB

Download Link:

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Direct download link:

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This is very easy and simple. In a few mouse clicks you will have the app on your computer. You will have 30 days free trial to test all the program features 

[Image: 2t8FJmG.png]

[Image: q9ZV27D.png]

[Image: Ti93lKS.png]

[Image: AyZ884O.png]

[Image: WEUIhZt.png]


You can purchase a license key from the official website. You can select from the three available versions according to your needs. The toolbox version offers you all the features

[Image: TTAVvzd.png]



[Image: lOdqL5O.png]


[Image: d7E36h2.png]

[Image: V7orpuS.png]

For comparison between the available versions:

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[Image: TDaKFdD.png]

User Interface and Menus:

This is very friendly and easy to use. The upper part shows menu bar with 6 buttons and working toolbar that includes most features you need. The main program area is divided into 3 parts; preview on the right side and two parts on the right side (tree view and main area).
The lower part lets you navigate to one of 5 tools; explorer, archive, FTP, backup and burner. The interface and toolbats are highly customizable with many skins available. There are classic and modern looking of the app.  

[Image: afw1DhS.png]

[Image: RPKJxsr.png]

[Image: P9Mv1zI.png]

[Image: ud1JJyG.png]

[Image: iiB3ge5.png]

[Image: JuD8Ist.png]

[Image: B3us3rZ.png]

[Image: tOEP3MQ.png]

[Image: QBD4fJQ.png]

[Image: 4dTGEwl.png]

[Image: oQ7eEOq.png]

Languages supported:

The program is multilingual: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and 28 other languages are supported. You can enjoy the program in your own language

Major New features:

New ZIP engine: The program now includes strongest zip compression possible, supported by official Windows 7/8/10 zip tools. Up to 7%-8% better compression with full compatibility the maximum speed possible.

Advanced Codec Pack (PA format): best and strongest compression format is constantly improved. After the September 2017 update that increased compression for large files, better mp3 and jpeg codecs were now added. It is much better than zipx, rar and 7z.

FAST startup: With much improvement of the internal code, PowerArchiver will start up to 3x faster than before and 2x faster than WinZIP. If you have a fast computer, the program start up time is less than 1s and shell extensions under 0.5s. This improved memory usage by 40%.

Multiple Tabs support: you can open multiple archives in the same interface. Save time and be more productive

Ribbon toolbar is back: It is fast and looks the same as your Microsoft Windows built-in ribbon.

Customizable with new Skins: you can change skins to make the program pretty and amazing look.  The new icon pack added to the toolbar made it possible to switch file format icons to one of the available styles! You can change GUI skins, toolbar icons and file format icons too. PowerArchiver will be customized to your own liking!

[Image: 0FpdpK3.png]

Built in PDF preview:
This is a very important feature that was requested by many users.  An internal PDF previewer is now available and noticeably quick and efficient. This will allow all users to view and print PDFs without any additional pdf tools installed.

[Image: dqYWxyq.png]

Many other improvements and requested features were added such as:

Favorite folders: manage your most used folders

New Join Tool: merge archives into one

[Image: tev9ZTL.png]

Filters inside

[Image: RVzi0xE.png]

Add window, new modern Open window and so much more.


Open ZIP, ZIPX, RAR, ISO and 20 other file formats.

[Image: ToODvMx.png]

Fully supports creating and opening of: ZIP (multicore), ZIPX (multicore), 7-zip (multicore LZMA and LZMA2), LHA, CAB, TAR/GZ/BZ2, BH and PAE archives

Full Windows 10 support with UAC elevation and VSS!

Multicore compression and fastest RAR extraction.

Encryption and decryption features with full OpenPGP encryption support

[Image: a3BgVjm.png]

PowerArchiver Backup w/ VSS. It creates backup scripts with advanced options

Send files to FTP/SFTP server.

Burn files to CD/DVD/BD discs.

PowerArchiver Command Line.

PowerArchiver Outlook Plug-in.

Create advanced ISO Image files (both ISO9660 and UDF)

Copy CD/DVD discs to ISO images for safe storage

PowerArchiver Virtual ISO Drive: Mount ISO files as CD/DVD drives!

Full PowerArchiver Data Burner.

Full PowerArchiver Secure FTP client.

Zip To Email with Premium Email plugin.

Advanced Codec Pack: Full support for new .pa format, including advanced options. You can manually configure various different codecs, filters and their respective options for maximum speed/compression

PowerArchiver Cloud : Full support for Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Box.Net, Amazon S3 and Azure. Access your Clouds from within 

Full support for 64-bit Windows and multi-core processors in ZIP, 7-zip and PA formats

Advanced Explorer mode with dual panel interface for easier file management

[Image: cBhr5Ng.png]

Skinny easy to use interface

Automatic updates via 2 second patchbeam system

[Image: zCpfC7t.png]

Exclusive Windows 7, 8 and 10 features like automatic elevation via UAC, and Volume Shadow Service support for compressing 

files/databases exclusively in use by the system.

Secure FTP file exchange with 256 AES encryption

Microsoft Office Add-ins:

PowerArchiver for Office Add-ins, consisting of Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word Add-Ins. 

PowerArchiver’s Microsoft Outlook Add-in Plugin is one of the most advanced attachment add-ins for Microsoft Outlook, with following features:

Can be configured to work automatically without user input.
Compress in multiple formats (ZIP, ZIPX, PA, 7-Zip, CAB, TAR.GZ) with different settings.
Powerful 256-bit encryption support with 256-bit AES in ZIP/ZIPX and PA formats that is using FIPS 140-2 Validated encryption modules.
Create SFX (Executable) attachments compressed in CAB or ZIP formats.
Rename extension of attachment automatically to bypass mail filters.
Exclusions based on extension with predefined commonly used extensions.
Name attachment based on first file and filter based on minimum file size.
Option to include help file with attachment.
Easy configuration rules for Administrators.
Windows Installer based installation.
Superb compatibility with all versions of Outlook, from Outlook XP to Outlook 2016 (both 32bit and 64bit). No crashing or Microsoft Outlook hanging.
Microsoft Word and Excel add-ins – New add-ins that support Microsoft Word and Excel. Easily compress, send and encrypt files without leaving Microsoft Word/Excel.

Now let’s explain in more details how PowerArchiver is the best choice for you:

Archiving Features:

Create a new archive:

[Image: OTdpDxg.png]

You can create a new archive using drop down menu from new button, select new archive. Now specify location and name of the new archive then start to add the contents you want to add in the archive. That’s all!! You can add comments to your archive if you wish
If you have a folder with many files inside and you want to convert it to compressed format, you can easily do this using the right context menu options

Manage Archive files:

The program lets you manage your archive files in any way you want. You can open archives to see its contents, (for example files, installers, documents and so on). The file information listing shows the name of the file, date and timestamp, uncompressed (size) and compressed (packed) size of the file, file compression ratio and the file path
Opening an archive is done by many ways, you can set the program as the default archiving software and associated with all compression file formats (for example RAR, Zip, and so on). In this way simple double click on any compressed file, it will be opened in the program window. Alternatively you can select to open with using the right context menu or open the archive from inside the application using open button. 
You can also add any files to your archive. Additionally, you can remove files from the archive. For example, you need to update the contents of an archive whether to add or to remove some contents before you send it to your contacts
You can also edit a word document or text file present in the archive and save. For example, you need to add some instructions or explanation to your audience

[Image: R4vjbE5.png]

[Image: Tedqyf2.png]

[Image: aLmZfVM.png]

Extract archive contents:

You can do this easily either using the program open window, open the archive select files to extract then extract button in the upper toolbar or right click menu option. More easily, you can use the right context menu option of any archive on your computer and select extract. Very simple and easy. Even you can extract multiple archives simultaneously. This option is located under tools menu

[Image: FXDptxW.png]

SFX wizard:

PowerArchiver has an SFX wizard which helps you create Self Extracting Archives (SFX) in a few easy steps. The created file is self-extracting archives and can be sent to any user to be used easily with no need for any applications

[Image: EEDSQMT.png]

Encryption of an archive:

[Image: 75Bos1H.png]

This is very useful to protect your archive from unauthorized access. The option is available in the toolbar and in the tools menu. You can also decrypt the file at any time but you need to have the encryption password

Repair of an archive: 

If you have an important archive that failed to open due to any corruption, don't panic. Just try to repair it using the program

Archive converter: 

This built in feature lets you convert from any format to the other. The program supports most archiving formats which offers you a wide variety of choices

[Image: xXJlaJu.png]

E-Mail Archives:

You can send any archive file to the default email application using the file menu send option or the right context menu

Other archive options:

The program supports many options for your archive to help you do anything you need. For example;

Test: You can test an archive for integrity. A dialog box is displayed with the results of the test operation.

Scan: Antivirus scan of your archive, all you need is to specify your antivirus in few simple steps under configuration button


[Image: 5ZVoukZ.png]

Verify archive:

[Image: BVW2SWV.png]

Archive Properties: 

You can check the properties of any archive in an easy and quick way. The button is located under file menu, if you click it, a dialog box will appear and shows many information about the archive. For example; archive format, name, size, number of files in the archive, average compression ratio and many more

[Image: kdZ11gO.png]

Find archives and files:

You can easily find any archive on your hard drive. Simply, use find archive option located under file menu. Additionally, you can use the “Find” option under “Edit” menu if you want to find a specific file in the currently opened archive.

[Image: 2sy2ST9.png]

[Image: XMW3oMr.png]

Printing a List of Files:

This is a built-in tool that allows users to print a list of files in an archive to a text or HTML file. All you have to do is to select “Print File Listing under file menu

Backup Features:

[Image: RVcsOZK.png]

[Image: iUeiuLW.png]

PowerArchiver has an easy-to-use, yet powerful backup feature called PowerArchiver Backup. It creates backup files with the extension .pbs scripts using an easy to use wizard. With VSS (volume shadow), you can backup any file/database on the computer, without closing program using it. The program will create and edit Windows Schedules for you, enabling unattended backups, with many advanced options. Interestingly, you can upload backups to FTP/SFTP server. Upon completion, detailed logs that can be emailed or stored on your computer.

Burning features:

Using PowerArchiver Burner, no more need to have professional CD/DVD/BD burning software. It is a burning tool which will allow you to do most burning tasks with an easy to use interface. You can burn and rip from all kinds of media such as CD, DVD and Blu-Ray discs, and includes some advanced features such as Virtual Drive. You can access these tools in many ways including main program window, shell extensions and PowerArchiver Starter. PowerArchiver also can write to disc media directly from backup tool.
These burning features allow you to perform many jobs, for example; burn files to Disc, burn image (.ISO) to CD/DVD/Blu-Ray media, copy DVD to Image, erase Disc, virtual dive

[Image: 07hlcc6.png]

[Image: 6RRyuFo.png]

[Image: bsT7xWw.png]

Explorer shell extensions:

 The program integrates with the windows explorer and allows you to have most important features and tools directly through right menus. The program settings allow you to configure the available options. This is easily done using shell extension

Internal Viewer:

PowerArchiver has a unique internal viewer which allows users to quickly view files. Of course it will not replace viewer applications. Many file formats are supported by the viewer feature; for example;  TXT, RTF, BMP, JPG, TIFF, GIF, and many more. Current release supports PDF files which will help many users

FTP Client:

PowerArchiver has a built-in secure FTP tools. You can use this feature to upload any open archive to your FTP server through “FTP Archive” located under file menu (send button). It has an important use in PowerArchiver Backup (.pbs) scripts. You can access it through the convenient shell extensions. The toolbox version of the program has FTP profiles supported with high security available. You will need to specify profile details as the host name (Server). Many transfer protocols are supported for example FTP and SFTP. You can access your FTP server using username and password or anonymously

[Image: YAVV04c.png]

[Image: LITX8Gg.png]

Features of the PowerArchiver FTP client:

Secure protocols and FIPS certification
Integration with PowerArchiver: Upload files from archives to FTP and Download them directly to archive, without needing to unpack anything!
Tabbed interface for multiple server connections.
Quick ZIP and Send : uploads selected file.
Bandwidth Limiter
Continuously track multiple edited/opened files and update them as needed.
Advanced Queue system with multiple transfers and global transfer limits.
Disconnect or shutdown After queue is completed

Program options (Settings):

You can access the program settings under options menu. Simply click the configuration button. The program has many settings and options to control all built-in features and tools

[Image: 0e3lQJz.png]

[Image: YE7ZUOp.png]

[Image: YEen9B8.png]


PowerArchiver Toolbox 2018 is not a simple compression/decompression tool, it is a comprehensive software solution with many features and tools. You can manage any archive file, create new archives, use the professional burning features with no need for other software, use FTP client with high security and many more. It is the best choice for you. All you need is to download, install and try yourself 
Thanks for the well written & very detailed review covering all functions. Great work tarekma.
Perfect review! Thumb
Great review. I liked all the product screenshots.
thank so much for another great job and review Heart
Thank you for the comprehensive review!
Thank you for the good review!
A great review! Smile

Thank you for sharing! Smile
Nice review! Thanks Thumb
Thanks for the good review!
This is an excellent multi-language tool

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