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19 burning ashampoo studio

Ashampoo Burning Studio 19
[Image: 2M8MxLf.png?1]

Ashampoo Burning Studio 19 burns your files, movies and music to any CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc. It's easy, fast and secure! You can burn data, create audio CDs, make backups or produce your own movies and many more. Advanced projects like video DVDs with animated menus and scene selection screens are just a matter of minutes with the use of the program. You will get the total solution for your disc recorder!
The program is considered the multimedia genius for your movies and photos and the first choice to burn, backup and convert your files

Fast, clear and powerful - now with scratch protection!

Burn movies and photos to disc with animated menus

History view for the last 20 projects with recovery feature

Extensive backup features with encryption and password support
Company Page:


System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7 to 10
Software: Windows Media Player 10, Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5, DirectX 9.0C
Hard Drive Space:
250 MB for installation,
Up to 9 GB for temporary files (DVD)
25/50 GB for temporary files (Blu-ray)
100 GB for temporary files (Blu-ray XL)
Graphic card: DirectX 9 Hardware Pixelshader v2.0, min. 128 MB RAM.
Sound Card: Any standard sound card (on-board or USB)
Other: An Internet connection is required to activate the program. The program license is verified repeatedly at regular intervals.
Version:  v19.0.0

Release date:  2017/12/04

Download link:


This is very simple and needs no skills. In a few mouse clicks, you will have the program working on your computer 

[Image: Kk0PG2A.png]

[Image: eBslwGs.png]

[Image: BHGhQAv.png]

[Image: XtdzmG5.png]

Free Trial:  

The program is available as a free trial for 10 days. this can be extended for 40 days using email registration 

[Image: n8AVCdS.png]

[Image: q78SC3j.png]


[Image: QHTXXyZ.png]

[Image: yM6uoB9.png]

Size:  134.45 Mb

User Interface:

The program has a friendly user interface that is easy to use. Additionally the program is skinny

[Image: mY0kvGz.jpg]

[Image: 4SeFshA.png]


[Image: GxYDGV9.jpg]

Key Features:

Simple disc burning: Burning Studio use is very easy. It's simple three steps. Select your files then select the settings and processing method finally select the target. That’s all!
Need an animated menu for your video DVD? It takes just a few clicks. You can also backup your photo collection across multiple discs

Scratch protection for maximum safety

[Image: Dh2SgcQ.jpg]

The new scratch protection perfectly preserves your data. Scratches can render disc surfaces unreadable and files irrecoverable. Ashampoo Burning Studio 19 take the terror out of scratches. This is done by spreading multiple copies of your data across the disc along with an emergency recovery tool! You can still recover your precious files and memories if the disc ever become scratched.

Handy history feature: You'll never lose track again of your projects! The new history feature shows you the last 20 most recent projects and recovers them at the click of a button! All modifications, design adjustments and, naturally, file selections will be restored.

Versatile video editor: The program includes the easiest to use video editor that will save your time and combine images and videos with just a few clicks. Additionally, you can add background music and finishing touches on your project.  Display durations and transitions can be easily set

The right format for every movie: Creating and burning movies is one of the core strengths of the program. To ensure maximum compatibility with all available players, the program supports all common formats from MPEG4, H.264 to AAC.

[Image: XrkDPHj.png]

Burning software can be so intuitive!: Burning Studio offers fast, simple solutions. It is the best program for you with smart automatic features and presets that take the work off your shoulder! You will have good results fast with few to no manual setups

Create your own movies and slideshows: Ashampoo Burning Studio 19 turns everything into a work of art! It lets you cut movies, add intros and outros or insert subtitles or ready-made themes for professional results. You can also set the mood with custom graphics and sounds, create stunning slideshows with background music and turn your precious memories into a visual masterpiece. Additionally, you can design individual covers for your audio CDs and use the fascinating mosaic feature or the many templates.

Listen to music and audiobooks in your car with ease: When you're burning discs for your car radio picking the right format is crucial or you'll lose the song order or end up with a non-playable disc. Using the program with built-in 1000 presets and profiles for all common car radios, your discs will work the way you expect them too on any device. It's also perfect for audiobooks! You can have your songs on your MP3 player

Rip CDs and burn music discs: The ingenious auto-ripping feature helps to extract audio from music discs in just seconds! Artist and title are automatically recognized. Create high-quality CD rips at perfect file sizes in the best formats. Put an end to poorly or wrongly labeled files! Use the equalizer and volume normalization features for enhanced sounds and top everything off with individual covers.

Safe and secure multi-purpose burning: Burning Studio helps to split data across multiple discs through support of disc spanning. It supports auto-play with custom menus and strong password protection for encrypted discs. The new scratch protection ensures data stays readable even with heavily damaged disc surfaces!

Reliable backups for important data: The program has built-in powerful backup features that lets you burn or backup your data wherever you want. Simply select your files, pick a target and you're good to go. If your data doesn't fit on a single medium, the program will automatically split it across multiple discs. Compression and password-protection are also supported!

New and Improved features:

Burn files and folders

[Image: ILWK1dK.png]

Burn movies

 [Image: ON1lB65.png]
[Image: CW6TJGK.png]

Internal program features and functions

[Image: AskV3lf.png]
[Image: Zz52ffQ.png]

Burn music:

[Image: 95pIyln.png]

Disc images:

[Image: wiGKSNP.png]

Backup files and folders

[Image: oe1SEqA.png]

Advanced functions:

[Image: 8JpUv7v.png]

Multi language support:

The program supports 34 languages. This lets you enjoy using the application in your own language

How to use the program?

All the program fuctions run in 3  simple main steps; First select, then adjust settings and  finally target (output)

Burn data:

[Image: bxGI9QA.png]

[Image: CXaErNk.jpg?1] 

[Image: Yk4tGsM.png]

Audio and Music:

[Image: T41rIrE.png]

[Image: MHHfqX3.jpg]

[Image: 8R5HRVQ.png]

[Image: bDdTpVW.png]

Movie and slideshow:

[Image: 8Acnbxj.png]

[Image: ArIqUeJ.png]

[Image: cJLlE73.jpg]

[Image: 6NufjVQ.jpg]

Scratch Protection:

[Image: 6sduPAo.png]

[Image: 0xfcC6W.png]

Covers and Inlays

You can easily design individual covers:

[Image: CtbBPXY.png]

[Image: 1R7yRqk.jpg]

Copy Disc:

[Image: RVtepY4.png]

Disc Image:

[Image: Crtqwa6.png]


[Image: 2m5TuYk.png]

[Image: CBRiZNe.png]

Advanced functions:

[Image: cK76agj.png]

Open project:

This button shows history of previous projects created or saved by the users

[Image: XJM2Vsa.png]


[Image: RfMZzpe.png]

[Image: 8xEIcMN.png]

The upper toolbar includes the following 5 buttons:

Options (Settings):

[Image: QXFLiZe.png]


You can download or import the skins you prefer here

[Image: pJa2KQi.png]


All supported languages are available here

[Image: 3CsycGq.png]


This include many help topics and illustrations to guide you during first use of the program

This shows information about the program (version number and date)

[Image: l50ArtZ.png]


Ashampoo Burning Studio 19 is the best and most comprehensive burning suite. It has many features and tools that make it the perfect choice to burn, backup and convert your files 
I will add more details and screenshots tomorrow
The review is ready!!
Thank you for a well written & detailed review.
Thanks for the good review!
Exclusive review, thank you.
Thanks for the very good review. Thumb
excellent detailed review Heart Heart
SmileThank you for this wonderful gift Thumb

Ashampoo Burning Studio 19 they are among the best software to burn DVDs

 and I would like to win a license key  Big Grin
thank you

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