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Descent: Death Valley (Game) was £0.59 now FREE on Google Play - ANDROID
Descent: Death Valley (Game) was £0.59 now FREE on Google Play - ANDROID


Get deal

[Image: nk3CVM7.jpg]

Decsription, from Playstore
The ancient legends are true. No one will believe them until they have the misfortune of coming face to face with them, however. 

To forget the past and live a normal life or follow the unknown, the choice is yours... How can you refuse, when at stake is the life of your beloved daughter, and the past, you tried to forget all this time, haunts you. "Book of the Dead", demon worlds, portals, all these seemed unreal... but you can't help believing your own eyes. Now, not only your daughter's life is in danger, but your soul is trapped between worlds of the living and the dead. 

The Descent utilizes the Unity3D graphics engine to convey sensation and fullness of the world. You will be immersed into a mysterious story, the outcome of which depends entirely on you. The Amazon jungle, desert, caves, Akat afterworld, Europe, all these places you'll have to pass with your strength and intelligence, because there is no one to help you...

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