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GoPlay Editor Pro
[Image: n5Y0VGD.png]

GoPlay Editor software provides powerful screen capture and video editing features for video editors, it can be widely used for tutorial videos, webcam video recording, game play video capturing, photo slide show making as well as video editing.



Windows version:

Size: 160.7 Mb

Android version:

iOS  version:

Installation (Windows version):

After you download the installer, simply double click and follow on screen instructions. Ina few mouse clicks you will have the program working on your computer

[Image: wtP3jZE.png]

[Image: rgy4Y0t.png]

[Image: IMSndlo.png]

[Image: hjwCqij.png]

[Image: ixU7be2.png]

User Interface:

The user interface is very friendly and easy to use. You will first select from one of two options; video editor or screen recorder mode. The program shows some help tips for many steps during use of the program. The main program area shows 4 parts; media library with many buttons on the upper part, toolbar, preview area and timeline in the lower part. The upper part shows activation to pro, save, close, export, upload to YouTube and social media links. The toolbar is located below the media library and shows undo, redo, delete, split, advanced options and dub

[Image: jD1a59a.png]

Task bar icon: right click menu:

[Image: qLuPGKv.png]


[Image: BiDhk5x.png]

You can purchase a license to enjoy all the features of the pro version. Many options are available to suite your needs. There are 1,5 years and lifetime licenses. You can specify the number of computers to activate the software. Please visit this page:

Now, let’s ask can you get a free pro license?  The answer is yes. Simply follow some steps and send email to the developer to have 1 year pro license.

Comparison of the Pro and Non Pro version of the software:

 [Image: 4XWOu68.png]

[Image: KANY7Ac.png]

 The process of activation is very easy. Simply click Recorder button and there will be a floating window at the center. Then you can click the PRO icon at the top right corner. Click Pro and input the license code you received to activate GoPlay Editor Pro.

Key Features:

Professional Video Recording:

[Image: 7u0R2GP.jpg]

Whether you want to record screen, gameplay or your webcam, GoPlay Editor can help you easily achieve it.

Screen Recording: Easily record every pixel of the screen.

Webcam Recording: Easily record life moments.

[Image: pTFBNbN.png]

Game Recording: Support all 3D/OpenGL and mobile games.

4K-60FPS: Superb HD video quality gives you true-to-life images.

Multi-Track Video Editing:

[Image: Pc2vmCm.jpg]

Every video, every audio, every letter and every picture has a track that can be edited independently.

Quick Editing: Easily split and merge your videos and music.

Picture in Picture: Easily add pictures or videos in a video.

Music and Sound Effects: Massive online music library,included dynamic sound effects.

Real-Time Dubbing:  Powerful dubbing and multi-track audio mixing.

Gorgeous Video Effects:

[Image: BgtyeYV.jpg]

Exquisite text effects, transition animation, video filters and Hollywood movie tones instantly make your work different.

Advanced Text: Quickly produce subtitles and intro for your movies.

Filters: A variety of exquisite filters, showing a stunning visual effects.

Transitions: Seamless video transition without leaving traces.

Change Speed Freely: Speed up, slow motion. Free control of the video play rhythm.

One-click upload to YouTube:

[Image: 5opQ7MN.jpg]

One-stop upload. Easily share your latest videos with your YouTube subscribers.

Main uses of the program:

Screen Recording:

[Image: wXyI3mq.png]

GoPlay Editor is a powerful, easy-to-use screen recorder which allows you to record any images and actions on the screen, recording sounds and mouse moving paths at the same time. What you see on your screen is what you record. The excellent performance helps you to easily record high quality video of 1080P-30FPS. If you want to make video tutorials, promotional clips for products, or training materials for new employees, GoPlay Editor is your best assistant. All you need is just a click, that's it!

[Image: he0oTB0.png]

Edit Your Videos:

GoPlay Editor provides you powerful and rich video post-editing functionalities, which include video cliping, merging, dubbing in voice and background music, adding subtitles, effects and filters.
Your videos will quickly captivate your audiences after carefully creating. Enjoy your efficient work with GoPlay Editor!

[Image: zQ7TZIl.png]

[Image: AdDNaVE.png]

Game Recording:

GoPlay Editor is a powerful and easy-to-use game recorder that perfectly supports recording all D3D / Opengl games and sounds. It can merge your appearance with the screen that you are recording in the original "picture-in-picture" mode with your webcam. The excellent performance make it easy for you to record high quality video of 1080P-30FPS. GoPlay Editor captures your exciting moments while you are playing your favorite games with hardly notice it's working. You will be able to stop at any time to save your wonderful game moments.
Game recorder has three recording modes: area recording mode, full screen recording mode as well as PIP mode. In the area mode, you can only record the Minecraft video within the red box area. You can randomly adjust its range. The full screen mode lets you easily record the video in full of your computer screen. This is the most commonly used mode to record Minecraft gameplay videos. The last mode is the Picture-in-Picture Mode. This mode lets users easily capture webcam video and microphone audio simultaneously while playing Minecraft.
Game recording has never been this easy. You will enjoy the game fun!

Edit Your Game Videos:

GoPlay Editor provides you powerful and rich video post-editing functionalities, which include video clipping, merging, dubbing in voice and background music, adding subtitles, effects and filters. Your game videos will quickly captivate your audiences after carefully created, you can easily share your videos to anyone, anywhere.

Discussion of the program use:

The program has 7 buttons located in the upper part of the media library; video, image, audio, transition, filter, text and project. There is import button on the left side to help you browse for media and audio files.  You can simply drag the video clip into the left video editing window, click play video, once you viewed the video you can decide which part you want to cut, where you need to add music, subtitles, dubbing, scribble painting and so on. It is easy and fast. When the video editing done, you can export the video clips into AVI, FLV,MP4 or other format to upload to the video sharing sites or your own website. The audio tab allows you to select from either music or sound effects. That’s all!

[Image: D1Cj94h.png]

[Image: NhQPPkq.png]

[Image: eLS1uhw.png]

[Image: fhuetmU.png]

You can switch from the video editor mode to the screen recorder mode at any time in an easy and  quick way

The lower part shows the timeline; this is the working area of the program where you can easily edit your video, add effects, transitions and many more

The preview window on the right side allows you to preview your video before saving it

[Image: JpKVmDr.png]

Above the preview window, you can see many options as save, close export and upload to YouTube

Export Video:

You can export your video after you complete the edit process, simply choose the format, resolution, quality, FPS, and save path, then click export. That’s all!

[Image: 6tEFoUx.png]

Upload to YouTube:

You will be able to upload your video to your subscribers using this built-in tool. It allows you to specify the resolution, title, description, tag then upload either public or private

[Image: A6u2BpY.png]

Toolbar features:

These include undo, redo, delete, split, advanced features, dub

Advanced features:

This built-in option allows you to perform many actions to have a professional video editing with amazing output. These includes video (fade in and out), audio (fade in and out), speed, volume, brightness, contrast, and rotate video

[Image: r2Xj1BH.png]

[Image: ZSYSq7o.png]

The program shows social media links on the upper part to help you follow the developer and have all information, updates new you need

Screen recording; either full screen or part of the screen. You can use the screen recording or the webcam option if you wish

[Image: EP4AzKE.png]


The program supports the use of hotkeys to help you start recording, stop recording and many more

Program settings:

These are categorized under video, hotkeys, general and pro. The general tab allows you to start the program with your system and to specify the video save pathway.

[Image: o91sMQO.png]

[Image: K1jezn4.png]

[Image: iKiCdwl.png]


GoPlay is a very good app that offers a professional video editor with many features and tools. In addition, you will enjoy using the screen recorder which lets you record your screen or use webcam
very detailed review thanks so much Heart Heart
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