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review pro giveaway ransomware 15 licenses appcheck

AppCheck Pro Anti-Ransomware Review and Giveaway (15 Licenses)
Thanks for the giveaway!
I am using heimdal pro right now on one computer and impedio security on another for ransomware.
My favorite features-


Integrated scheduled backup feature enables backup to desired network path, including Network Attached Storage as well as local disk drive.
Maximize Ransomware protection by leveraging existing resources.
Specifying backup file extension and target your backup to inexpensive network storage makes same effect as deploying central backup solution with no additional cost.

2.Detects and recognizes file modification context
Liked and followed on both platforms.
I do not have current ransomware software and rely on Macrium Free / Aomei Backupper Std for backup files. I use most freeware because I do not have license Sad like Malwarebytes Free + Avira Free. But the AutoBackup features looks great for surety that my files are protected WITH automated backup. 



4 days remaining here
Thanks for the giveaway!

What is your favorite features in this app?
MBR/GPT Protection
The application offers proactive protection and recovery of damaged files as a result of a ransomware virus attack. In addition, the program provides protection for an original copy of a file that was previously infected by viruses.

What is the software you are currently using ? or not using any protection against Ransomware?
AppCheck free,Zemana
Reminder: 2 days remaining here
I am using Malwarebyte Anti-Malware.
my favorite feature:
I think AppCheck Anti-Ransomware  is is the next Generation Endpoint Anti-Ransomware Solution. it provides proactive defense from unknown Ransomware threats, prevents, detects and recovers damaged files from ransomware .

thank  you a lot
Thanks for the Giveaway!
My favorite features of AppCheck Pro Anti-Ransomware :
1. Ransomwares Stoppage : prevent ransomware attacks and can roll-back those damaged files caused by ransomwares.
2. Ransomware Behavior Dectection Machine : stop ransomwares and recover damaged files by ransomwares and remove
   those damaged files.
3. Centralize Backup : RansomGuard keep original files about to damage and scheduled backup to provide additioal
   layer of safety.

I have no ransomware security software installed in my system for the time being and therefore decide to add AppCheck Pro to provide me with MBR protection and premium support as well as scheduled backups.

Facebook sharing link :

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What is your favorite features in this app?
AppCheck  Pro prevent file-lock ransomware attacks and protects MBR from Ransomwares and malwares.

What is the software you are currently using ? 
i am currently use360 Total Security

thank you a lot
AppCheck  Pro provides Context-Awareness Ransomware Behavior engine, and protect MBR/GPT from ransomwares and malwares modifying. Based on this,it prevents ransomware atracting and infecting, Above all,it automatically roll-back damaged files by ransomwares.  thank you a lot.

What is the software you are currently using ?
I am currently Eset Smart Security

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