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review pro giveaway voodooshield

VoodooShield Pro Review and Giveaway
VoodooShield Pro is very highly rated across the internet on reputable review sites and forums.

Reasons I want to win:
1. Compatible with my antivirus.
2. Will substantially increase the level of security.
3. Blocks the launch of new applications (including malware and viruses).
4. Light on resources

"I am using the basic version for the last year and it reports it has saved me 4 times from big threats. If the basic version is that good, then the PRO version can only be better."Smile

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Great addition to own pc security as another layer with cloud based features and automatic blocking of suspicious files.
Thanks for the giveaway 
My favourite feature in Voodooshield 
1) Lightweight on comptuer
2) File is scan with multiple engines 
3) Many modes to choose 
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thanks for this giveaway

my favorite features:
compatible with other antivirus softwares
artificial intelligence with learning capability
default deny mode

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Everyday I use the ESET Internet Security.

VoodooShield PRO includes advanced configuration options, and above all is an anti-exe program.

I believe that with my anti-virus program it would be a complete protection for the premium class.

My favorite features of the program are:

Blocks viruses

Scans websites

Blacklists all programs until they are proven to be safe

White lists all programs known to be safe

Show ContentThanks for the great Giveaway!:
Great software for extra layer of security protection for system in fact a better way to protect from all new viruses. I like the feature that it able to be run without much worry at one click to enable the lock protection. The AI feature is also very unique which I definitely would love to give a hands on.

I like vodooshield's following features-
1) Supplements existing antivirus software and is light on resources.
2)ability to drag and drop a file for scanning .
3) Its unique whitelisting approach for security
Thanks for the giveaway!


Favourite features in the app

I love that VoodooShield uses a proprietary proactive whitelist snapshot approach to virus and malware protection. VoodooShield’s three layers of protection include an application whitelisting lock, a machine learning / Ai decision engine and a multi-engine blacklist scan.
Thanks for the Giveaway!
VoodooShield Pro is an anti-executable program that whitelists programs running in your system and blocks whatever untoward behavior that is trigerred by programs that are not in the whitelist.
Features I like most on this application are :
1. Computer Lock : toggle to ON and locks your computer.
2. SMART Mode : On/Off function based on its unique layered protection.
3. Free to adjust/tweak your setings and unlock advanced features.
The application whitelisting lock automatically toggles to ON when the computer is at risk to lock your computer and keep you safe while browsing the web or checking email. 

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tarekma7, thank you for your time and effort. 

Compared with other programs, the biggest advantages is that Voodooshield provides app whitelisting lock, learning decision engine and multi-engine blacklist scan. other programs have no such three layers of protection.

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