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review pro giveaway voodooshield

VoodooShield Pro Review and Giveaway
Voodooshield is the future of security. My favorite features are...

Machine learning / Ai decision engine and a multi-engine blacklist scan
Light on resources, but almost bulletproof protection

Thanks for this giveaway  Smile


i am already use it save me many times from some unsafe files need to install

but i have problem when i use 

sandbox option with eset IS

it block link site of the result of the analytical file

if i win can i extend my license
Thanks for the giveaway.
My favorite features VoodooShield Pro:  Cloud based blacklist scanning with 50+ scan engines
Thanks for the giveaway.
My favorite features VoodooShield Pro:
- Other layer of protection for my laptop
- I have the free version and i love it Big Grin

I dont use social profiles... (2 years ago i suffer ciberstalking of a crazy person... sorry).
I like it:
blocks everything that is not on the whitelist
scan with 50 antivirus engines
thanks for the giveaway
Thank you tarekma for a special giveaway of a very special software. Thanks to Voodooshield for sponsoring the giveaway.

Voodooshield is a special cherished product with superior ability of allowing or denying outside programs access. 
It can block new exe files, programs or those with unauthorised access to my pc, threats from internet.
VoodooAi the built in scanner is able to classify files according to their malicious tendency.
Cloud based blacklist scanning has 50+ engines to scan suspected files & then can lock the threats from harming my pc.

VoodooShield is extra security app that can fully block or allow any sort of program or threats from even entering a system, based upon users preference. Its a computer lock, but works more than just a lock. It is the best secondary & additional protection layer I can add to my pc.

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Thanks a lot for the giveaway.
I need a key for VoodooShield PRO as the limitations for my free version reduces the performances of such software up to the extent that i feel it needs a boost either from my part or as a plus from other software, so this is the perfect occasion to make this software running at maximum performance on my PC.

I hope i can win this software.
Thanks for the giveaway
favorite features VoodooShield Pro
Compatible with basic antivirus and is a useful addition, can substantially increase the level of security
Thank you  for the giveaway.

My favorite features are:
Compatible with anti-virus software.
Block new and unknown apps.

                      My share:Twitter
My favorite features:
Low consumption of system resources
Blocking unknown files
Compatible with other security programs
Smart Mode

Thanks for the giveaway.

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