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password sticky lifetime licenses premium

Sticky Password Premium Lifetime licenses
[Image: bO25G8o.png]

The majority of people use very weak passwords and even reuse them on many websites. Recent surveys of security experts agreed that unless you are using a strong, unique password for each of your accounts, you are at serious risk.
A password manager makes it easy to generate complex passwords, potentially storing such passwords in encrypted secure database so that you can retrieve any password in an easy and fast way using any of your devices.
There are many types of password managers to suit the needs of all users. For example, you can use locally installed software application. Other types include some online web based services accessible through website portals and some token based hardware devices.
One of the most famous software applications is Sticky Password. This is the award-winning password manager and form-filler that remembers your passwords and enters them automatically whenever and wherever you need them - on your desktop, smartphone or tablet. It will help to Keep all your passwords in one secure location with powerful AES-256 encryption. Your Master Password will be your key that unlocks your password storage. You are the only one who will know what it is! Sticky Password technology is trusted by millions of people around the world.
In addition to Windows, Sticky Password supports all other platforms including Mac, Android and iOS with best-in-class sync options that you control. You can decide how to synchronize your data across all your computers, smartphones and tablets. If you prefer not to sync via Sticky Password’s secure cloud-based servers, you can utilize local Wi-Fi sync, which syncs your data over your own network and never touches the cloud. 

[Image: WJashuM.png]



System requirements: 

The program supports all platforms including windows, Mac, Android, iPhone.
It supports windows versions 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. Both 32 and 64 bit versions are supported.

Current version: Build
Release date:  Aug 29, 2017
Size:  35.55 Mb

[Image: w2EQZ3l.png]

New features:

New browser extension menus for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Comodo Dragon and Yandex
Various stability improvements and bug fixes
You can visit this site to revise all changes done:

I think some of the users may ask why not to simply use the password save feature of my browser?

To answer this, you need to know that Sticky Password offers you an easy access to all your passwords on all your devices and all the browsers you use. In addition, it is more secure and support applications that need login.

Let’s ask why Sticky Password is the best choice for you?

Compared to other competitor applications, Sticky Password has many advantages that make it a perfect password manager:

Excellent browser support (16 browsers)
Exceptional autofill. 
Captures even oddball logins. 
Manages application passwords.
Best-in-class sync options include cloud sync, your own local Wi-Fi, and NO syncing

Practical backup:

There’s an encrypted password database backup available for you in the cloud in case you lose your device or data stored on it only if you want.
Cloud backup preserves several previous versions of your password database for you.

Quick access:

This button lets you easily access all other program features and saved websites.

Security Dashboard:

This button shows information about your saved website accounts, its password strength and reused passwords.

Web accounts:

You will have all your web login data saved here and can be easily used for login. You can manually add any new account or the login in data will be automatically saved by the program after you login to the site. You can edit or delete any account you want. You can also add a group to help you easily find your website. For example, shopping, forums and so on.

Read Full detail review Here

I would like to say thanks to Sticky Password Team for sponsoring these license to our forum members.


Giveaway Details:

Duration of giveaway = 15 days
Lifetime licenses = 3

yearly licenses = 10 

Value of LTL = 
regular price $149.99

Value of Yearly license = 
regular price $29.99

 1. Mandatory Only one entry per IP is permitted for this giveaway and use your real IP. If you use any VPN or Proxy then your entry will be invalid.

2. Share this giveaway and our review of same product on social media, any forum and put your share link with your comment. 

3. Subscribe to our newsletter RSS FeedBurner and get all the latest giveaways and contests delivered to you by email.

4. If you don't want to take part in this giveaway please don't put a comment, it creates problems when we randomize winners.

[Image: 1zxnrmg.png]

5. You have to send a PM to Mohammad within 3 days after winners announcement otherwise your win will be void.

Request: Please follow all rules and support us and our sponsors so we can bring many more good software giveaways for you.  Smile

I like this nice program from Lamantine Software. The best  Password Manager. I use Sticky Password PRO Version
This version has long been obsolete, but it still works fine (also with Windows 10 1709). Really powerful, useful, and really talented.
Thanks Sticky Password Team and P2D for this chance to win a license for really the best Password Manager!
Bardzo dobry menadżer haseł z wieloma użytecznymi funkcjami, które czynią go przyjaznym dla użytkownika. Dzięki za konkurs.
Thanks for the good giveaway!
Very good program.
I hope to win i am addicted to sticky password! 
My tweet
I would like to enter this giveaway for Sticky Password Premium after reading the review.
Below are my shares.




Thanks for the wonderful giveaway, Mohammad.
My share:

Update: don't count me in
Nice giveaway

I've used Sticky Password before and liked it... especially like it's autologin features (only thing that KeePass lacks) 
And I especially like how saving your password database to the cloud is optional.
Thank you for the wonderful giveaway Smile

My share:

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