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IDareTo - Leave Your Comfort Zone
[Image: 6mtscEq.png]

Quote:Popular self-help/personal development app.

Grow your social comfort zone by small daily challenges. We believe that your actions can shape who you are!

The life of many people is restricted by social fears and anxiety. Fear of being in the center of attention, being judged or being rejected. The result is people filtering their true self. It does not need to be that way!

Comfort Zone Challenges
A comfort zone challenge is to continuously put yourself in a situation that triggers social fears. It can be anything from saying “Hi” to a stranger on the street, to doing 10 push-ups on the subway. Here comes the magic. By exposing yourself to these situations, again and again, your fear decreases, and after several of these exposures, the fear will vanish completely.

The concept of comfort zone challenges was brought popular by the famous TED speech by Till Gross. It has now attracted almost 2 million views.

What’s the benefits?

Get comfortable with the uncomfortable
A lot of our success in life depends on the ability to handle uncomfortable social situations.
“A person's success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to have.” - Tim Ferris

Learn to handle fear
Have you ever had something you wanted to do but your fear stopped you? A better relation to fear can make you less hesitant.

Care less what other people think of you
A wonderful realization from doing comfort zone challenges is: Most people don’t care. It’s a realization that vastly improves confidence. It also makes you less shy.

Leave your day to day auto pilot
A comfort zone challenge is a way to make something memorable out of an ordinary day.

Improved social skills
Putting yourself in constantly new social situations trains our social skills.

When you are in the process of improving your self-confidence you naturally feel happy. You are growing as a person. It’s a great feeling.

The Science
Comfort zone challenges is a modern form of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). The science behind this has been known since the 50’s and is widely used by psychotherapists to treat social anxiety with great success.

The International Movement
There is a big community of practicing comfort zone crushers. Here you get support and exchange experiences.

One of the biggest groups is “Comfort Zone Crusher” on Facebook. We encourage you to join it.

Famous Comfort Zone Challengers
Tim Ferris
Practicing comfort zone challenges is advocated in Tim’s bestselling book “The Four Hour Work week”.

Till Gross
One of the pioneers of the comfort zone challenge community. He has helped a lot of people in building confidence and overcoming shyness. 

The IDareTo App
This app is your friend of comfort zone challenges. It challenges you to talk to strangers, being in the center of attention, letting loose and more!

• Get a challenge tailored to your current location.
• Time effective. 5-min challenges.
• Four difficulty levels available. At your comfort level, or way out of it.
• Track your development as you become more confident.

Leave your comfort zone today and start your journey!

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