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Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional
[Image: fXO6q3j.jpg]

Data loss can occur at any time. This may be due to a variety of reasons, for example; hardware and software malfunction, human error, software failure, virus attacks, disasters and many other reasons. This makes data recovery solutions very important aspect for all users. If you have any disastrous events of data loss, you can restore your important files.
The all NEW Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery software is an interactive software that helps you recover just about everything. You can easily recover lost files, folders, documents, photos, music and any important files. You can restore lost data from corrupt, deleted, damaged, and even reformatted partitions. It scans inaccessible hard drives or partitions for all data types including documents, emails, pictures, music and videos. You can also look for a specific file in the scanned results using the ‘search file’ option.
Using the program, you can quickly regain your lost data, recover all files or select specific files that you wish to restore to a destination drive or folder. Additionally, E-mail recovery module enables you to recover accidently or deliberately deleted PST files. The built-in deep scan feature helps you to recover more files in the desired location. After complete scan, recoverable files and folders will be displayed like tree view with the option to sort the scan results according to file types and preview the selected files
The program has a new user interface redesigned to be suitable for both beginners and advanced users.

[Image: xktV2gz.png]


[Image: aCrjLJc.png]

Current version:

Release date: July, 2017

Supported File types for recovery:

[Image: f9s0oGC.png]

Support Devices

The product works just as smoothly with FAT, NTFS, and ExFAT based drives and volumes including laptop and desktop hard drives, digital cameras, memory cards, external media devices, optical media

System Requirements:

Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP (both 32 and 64 bit versions), 512 MB free RAM, 50 MB free HDD space


You can download the free trial from the official website or use the following link to download the installer file:  

Installation is very easy and doesn’t require any skills. Simply double click on the installer file and follow simple on screen instructions till the program is installed and working on your computer

[Image: HyHai6z.png]

[Image: 3BHMgfi.png]

[Image: EDDRsFn.png]

[Image: jp4K8AY.png]

[Image: avP2LSb.png]

[Image: rn8NFT5.png]

[Image: 0hUcP0M.png]

Purchase and registration:

The program is available in the official website for a price of 99$ with lifetime use, unlimited recovery and technical support

[Image: y2FpPAf.png]

User Interface:

Stellar Windows Data Recovery v7 has a friendly user interface which is designed to be easily used even for the beginners. This Do It Yourself software has an intuitive and interactive interface which contains all the features that you need to perform for a successful data recovery with no skills or training. Efficient data recovery has never been easier. You have the option to select the desired file type of files at a particular location instead of looking for data in the entire hard drive. This will make the whole process easy, quick and saves your precious time.
Main user interface contains 3 major recovery options namely everything (recovers all the data), documents, folders and e-mails or multimedia files (recover photos, audio and videos). It has upper menu with user-friendly buttons.

[Image: s1pPI2q.jpg]


It’s easy Do – It – Yourself data recovery software
Recover in 2 simple steps of selecting file type & then selecting recovery location
Safe, efficient & hassle free data recovery
Recover files, folders, documents, emails, photos & videos even after formatting or deletion
Recover from internal & external storage devices like hard disks, CD/DVD, SD cards, USB drives
Recover specific file types of your choice with provision to add new file types
Create image of entire partition for data recovery
Recover lost partitions
Recover data in case of System Failure (professional edition)
Embedded E-mail Recovery module to recover deleted PST files.
Recover data from large Hard Drives with capacity greater than 5TB.
“Deep Scan” allows you to recover files if you were unable to recover with quick scan.
“Create Image” feature allows you to make a replica of your drive, useful feature especially in case
of data corruption.
Recovers all Known and Unknown File Types from chosen media.
Option to add desired file type for data recovery.
Auto detection of removable disk/drive on the fly.
Supports NTFS, FAT, FAT16, FAT32 and ExFat file systems.
Supports Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista & XP

Languages supported:

The program is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.

What is new:

Brand new user interface – efficient data recovery has never been easier.
Search for lost data in specific folders and minimize time to recover data.
Dedicated option to recover either folders, documents, multimedia files and speed up scan time.
Improved scanning engine for up to 25% better data recovery results.
Improved scanning engine to locate lost partitions with up to 40% better results.
Raw file recovery is now automatic for richer recovery results.
Enhanced support for adding new files types for data recovery.
Windows 10 support
Improved Deleted File Recovery.

Now, let’s discuss the main features of the program

Drive Recovery:

You may accidentally lose your important data from any cause (for example, formatting, corruption…), The program will help you to smoothly deal with and recover any lost files, for example; pictures, documents, and many more. It is the ultimate solution to get back your lost documents. It supports recovery from FAT, NTFS, and ExFAT drives and partitions.

Lost Partition Recovery:

The program has a built-in feature that helps you if your entire partition is missing. This occurs in many conditions, for example due to corruption or have been accidentally deleted.  This option is called “Can’t’ Find Drive”. It is easily accessible under “Other Locations” which is present in the location selection screen. It scans the selected hard drive for missing partitions. You will find all the partitions listed under the partitions section after complete scanning. If the desired partition is not listed you can use “Deep Scan” to locate it. Select the desired partition to begin scanning for data recovery.

[Image: ZWYWgky.jpg]

Deleted File Recovery:

Your important files may be accidentally deleted from hard drives, memory cards, USB drives and all other removal media. No problem, don’t panic. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery professional software scan your storage media and allows you to recover all deleted files. All you have is to do is to select ‘Deleted List’ under the preview window and provide the location to save the recovered file. That’s all!

Recover Photos and Multimedia Files:

This advanced recovery software helps you to regain your memories from internal and external hard drives and all kinds of memory cards (such as SD card, Micro SD card and so on). The program offers you an option to scan your storage devices and look for only photos, music or video files. This reduces the time needed to search and locate your lost files.

Optical Media Recovery:

The program has a built-in useful feature which lets you recover data from scratched, corrupt or partially burnt optical media like CD, DVD Discs. It supports recovery from all types of discs (CDs, DVDs, HD DVDs) burnt on any systems. Now, using the program you can easily recover files with their original file names & folder structure.

[Image: jxh4lyu.jpg]

Recover Lost or Deleted Email Files:

The program can undelete lost or deleted email data files. This is very useful for all email users. It supports all popular email clients data files. For example; MS Outlook (PST), MS Outlook Express (DBX), MS Exchange Server (EDB), and much more file types. The process is very easy, simply select ‘Emails’ under ‘Documents, Folders & Emails’ available under ‘Select What to Recover’ section, then scan your hard drive. That’s all! The program will list all the lost or deleted email for recovery.

Pre-Recovery Preview of Files:

After successful scan of your hard drive or storage media, the program lets you preview of all lost or deleted files before starting recovery. Click on any desired file in the tree view which appear after scanning. Now, you will see the preview. Further, software has an option to turn on and off preview. If you select ‘turn on’ then software will generate a preview of files while scanning the select storage media.

Deep Scan for Better Result:

The software offers two Scan modes: Quick Scan and Deep Scan. Quick Scan scans the media and the selected locations and lists all the recoverable files for preview. If the desired file is not found, you can select ‘Deep Scan’ from the preview window. This will start an extensive thorough scan of the selected location and media and gives comprehensive data recovery results. It will look for all files and recover even raw data but this will take more time. Deep Scan button is also accessible on the ‘Select Location’ screen. It will help you to get better results and save your time.  
System Startup Disc:

At any time, you may have a crisis when your system fails to boot from any cause. For example; in the event of damage to the Master Boot Record and your system fails to recognize the boot partition which becomes inaccessible. You are afraid you can easily lose all your data. The software helps you salvage your precious data using bootable disc. You can regain access to your crashed system and run the software to recover important data, including files, documents, pictures, presentations, and more.

Image Your Hard Disk

The program allows you to create a disk image of any drive, partition, volume or any removable media (for example; pen drives, external hard disks). In addition, you can recover data from any previously created disk images. The process is very easy using the option present in select location screen. Further, you can specify the ‘Starting’ & ‘Ending’ sectors to create image of selected region.

[Image: jBT1EB9.jpg]

Raw Recovery:

This is an advanced feature that searches data in drives based on file signatures. It lets you conveniently perform recovery from any severely corrupt storage media. You can also edit the header of a predefined file type and add new or unknown file headers to the existing list of files to enhance the recovery of user-defined file formats. This feature will keep you safe by helping you recoup your losses even if your initial attempt fails.

Steps to Recover Data:

The program lets you do recovery in stepped wizard simple dialogue. You don’t need any skills to complete the whole process and have your lost data recovered. All you need to know is to follow these 5 steps

First step is to select what to recover:

Select the type of data you want to recover. Many options are available for you including everything, office documents (word, excel and PowerPoint files), folders and emails, or multimedia files, for example; photos, audio and video.

[Image: Ps84OcX.png]

Second step is to select location:

The software allows you to select the location you from where you wish to recover data. This includes any connected drive or a specific location on a drive or storage media connected to the system. You can select from the following locations: Common Locations (desktop, my documents and choose location), connected Drives (all the drives and external storage media connected to the system), other locations (lost or deleted partitions and existing disk images).

[Image: xZJkORj.jpg]

Third step is to scan:

Select an appropriate drive and click on Scan. The scanning option will result in the list of files which are shown under ‘File Type,' ‘Tree View’ and ‘Deleted List'. You can do both quick and deep scan (if you can't find your data in the quick scan)

[Image: ZLSCDtm.png]

[Image: SZcZ59h.png]

[Image: yxRuJ7a.png]

[Image: HBiU6Z6.png]

Fourth step is to preview files:

Turn on Preview to be able to preview and show files while scanning. After completing scanning process, you can preview all recoverable data.

[Image: ljVsFPM.jpg]


Select the desired files which you want to recover then click on ‘Recover Button'. You will see pop-up window which will let you select the destination location where you want to save your files.

[Image: ZyRFcCT.jpg]

Advanced Settings:

These are easily accessible from the main user interface using the upper menu button. Using this option you can configure following settings:

Preview button used to set preference for preview window

[Image: GhK1iIh.png]

File list button used to select file types for recovery

[Image: 1PIrQtp.png]

Add Header button used to set preferences for header

[Image: 3cMbmSg.png]

Resume Recovery button used to resume a recovery process

[Image: yx9AoD1.png]

Updates button used to check for updates

[Image: T1a2Myh.png]

Import License button used to import license to another computer

[Image: oGxUKW3.png]

Export License button used to export license to another computer
Help button used to access help manual for this software


Good recovery software
Deep scan mode
Partition recovery
System start up disc
And many more

Cons: None


Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional is a comprehensive solution that will help you to recover your lost or deleted data and formatted partitions. No need to worry about your lost precious data. This Do It Yourself software which helps you to recover data from all internal and external storage devices, SD Cards, CD/DVD, USB drives, external hard drives. You will be able to recover all data even after formatting or initializing your hard drive partitions.
Excellent Thumb Thumb Thumb
Nice program and very good review!  Thumb Thanks a lot.
nice detailed review thank you Heart Heart Thumb
Great review Tarek. I posted the review on the blog and will add the giveaway to it once started.
Good review ! Thanks.
Nice review! Thanks for you job!
Nice program and very good review! 
amazing giveaway. Heart
Thanks for the giveaway.
My favorite feature
restore lost data from corrupt, deleted, damaged, and even reformatted partitions.
E-mail recovery module enables you to recover accidently or deliberately deleted PST files.

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