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Zoom Player FREE 13.7.1 Final Released
#1      --- What's new in Zoom Player v13.7.1:

  + Adding chapters using the chapter editor will now instantly
    show the chapter's position in the timeline (if timeline display
    is enabled).

  - Fixed a bug in countries with a comma decimal symbol where the
    media library thumbnails text height and spacing got truncated.
    For example:
    A thumbnail's Text Height of "1.95%" resulted in an actual text
    height of "1%".

  - Loading ".PLS/.XSPF" playlists where the first item in the playlist
    did not play (e.g. "server down") would trigger an infinite loop
    and Zoom Player froze.

  - The inactive navigation txt-lines background was not being drawn.

  - The "I" key will again close the information dialog if it is visible.

  - The media library category sorting order and last folder position
    could get reset under some conditions due to insufficient registry
    memory allocation.

  - Setting the control bar to appear with a fixed width while in
    fullscreen did not show the control bar in the right position (or at
    all) on secondary monitors.

  - Setting the control bar to appear at the top or bottom of the screen
    did not show the control bar in the right position (or at all) on
    secondary monitors.

  - The media library category editor did not show the currently enabled
    scraping mode, thumbnail aspect ratio and thumbnail columns when
    a language pack was installed.

  - The playlist editor line-spacing did not work well with every font.

  - Slight adjustment to the media library's thumbnail text drawing to
    better account for fonts with less-uniform character heights.

  - It was possible for a new components/filters notification to trigger
    without new components being available. It was triggered due to
    a new version of Zoom Player being available on the install center.
    Since player updates has its own notification, this message is redundant.  SHA256:     75c342393b2d33eb8818ec84bc739875cefcd822f8acaf281c861b2838fde3e5
File name:     zp1371free.exe
Detection ratio:     1 / 62
Analysis date:     2017-07-20 13:08:57 UTC ( 9 hours, 40 minutes ago ) Baidu     Multi.Threats.InArchive     20170720 (false positive by Baidu)
Signature verification Signed file, verified signature
Signing date 8:47 AM 7/20/2017
[+] Inmatrix LTD
[+] StartCom Class 3 Object CA
[+] StartCom Certification Authority
Counter signers     
[+] COMODO SHA-256 Time Stamping Signer
[+] USERTrust (Code Signing)
Packers identified
F-PROT NSIS, appended, UTF-8, Unicode
VirusTotal metadata
First submission 2017-07-20 08:38:59 UTC ( 14 hours, 10 minutes ago )
Last submission 2017-07-20 13:08:57 UTC ( 9 hours, 40 minutes ago )
File names     zp1371free.exe

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