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Zoom Player FREE 13 Build 1300 Released
#1     Announcing Zoom Player v13 final
Started by bLight, Today, 11:20 AM

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#1  Announcing Zoom Player v13 final: post #1 bLight
Lead Developer
8791 posts
Posted Today, 11:20 AM
In version 13 we focused on introducing exciting new features and access to content designed to fit with your daily viewing experience!

Download Zoom Player 13
Love YouTube? If you answered YES, you would surely love the media library's new and direct access any of your favorite YouTube channels. On top of that, Global and Country-specific YouTube Trending videos in a variety of subjects and up to date YouTube Search results on any subject are just as easily accessible.

Playing YouTube content using DirectShow in Zoom Player was possible for a while now. However, Zoom Player 13 introduces YouTube's official IFRAME web based player (optional, can be disabled in the options dialog to restore DirectShow playback with its advanced hardware decoding and post-processing capabilities).

By connecting with the very cool, Zoom Player 13 can automatically scrape Art and Meta-Data (description, release date and more) for Albums and individual audio Tracks. Even without the use of an online database, the internal audio scraper has been enhanced to extract existing meta-data from each audio track, ensuring all available audio file information is clearly displayed.

Downloading subtitles in your preferred language(s) is now a piece of cake. By integrating with the very popular website, Zoom Player 13 can download the correct subtitle file for your media by matching the media file's hash (unique ID) with's database.

Do you like to listen to podcasts and other content distributed through RSS feeds? In version 13, you can easily integrate RSS feeds directly into the media library for easy streaming and staying up to date on all the latest in podcasting.

Streaming has been enhanced on every level with improved reliability, new fine-tuning customization features and user experience shortcuts to play streams quickly.

Many of the features discussed above are only possible due to the new plugin interfaces introduced throughout Zoom Player. This includes Media source plugins (YouTube/RSS), Subtitle download plugins (, Scraping plugins (

All these plugins are released as open-source with the code to be used as a sample for 3rd party developers looking to extend Zoom Player with new access to content.

What else has changed
A lot more has changed in version 13, there were smaller features introduced, other features were enhanced, code was optimized to make Zoom Player load and run faster and bugs were squashed. To review the full change list, click here.

The Future
There are interesting new features planned, including an enhanced JukeBox experience for music and music videos, a direct interface to's internet radio station index, Torrent streaming and much more ...

Would you like to see these great new features become a reality sooner rather than later? please join us by supporting Zoom Player on Patreon. As a patron you will receive access to exclusive content, input on the future of development and the warm fuzzy feeling you get in your heart for helping to make Zoom Player better for everyone.

We appreciate you!
We truly appreciate your investment in Zoom Player. With your support Zoom Player can continue growing in new and exciting ways.

Thank you,

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File names zp1300free.exe
Thanks for the info.

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