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Microsoft Edge Not Yet Relevant in Browser World As Everyone Uses Google Chrome
#1    Microsoft Edge Not Yet Relevant in Browser World As Everyone Uses Google Chrome

Stats show Edge market share stagnates, while Chrome grows
Apr 2, 2017 10:14 GMT  ·  By Bogdan Popa ·  Share:      
Microsoft is promoting Edge browser quite aggressively, with ads on the desktop and popups that show up every once in a while, but this doesn’t necessarily mean adoption is growing.

The latest round of statistics from NetMarketShare shows that Edge is actually stagnating or improving slightly, while Google Chrome, which is currently the number one browser on the desktop, keeps growing at a much faster pace.

Data for the month of March 2018 indicates that Google Chrome is the top browser on PCs with a share of 58.64 percent, while Internet Explorer continues to be the runner-up with 18.95 percent.

Even though it still receives security updates, Internet Explorer is more or less an obsolete browser, as no new features are being developed. Microsoft is all-in on improving Edge browser in Windows 10, so Internet Explorer is only maintained with security patches to keep users secure.

Firefox is the third choice on the desktop with 11.79 percent, while Microsoft Edge is next with only 5.61 percent. The only thing Edge should be proud of is that it has more users than Safari (3.37 percent) and Opera (1.18 percent), but this is mostly happening because it’s the default browser in Windows 10 and some users stick with it to avoid installing third-party apps.

The Microsoft Edge struggle
Microsoft Edge, however, is either growing slowly or not growing at all, and the last few months brought only small changes for its market share.

For example, Edge dropped from 5.26 percent to 5.21 percent in November, but then improved gradually to 5.61 percent in March. Last month, it only experienced a 0.06 percent increase.

Edge adoption is obviously impacted by the limited availability in Windows 10, so its market share can only increase when Windows 10 itself improves as well. In the last few months, however, Windows 10 adoption also slowed down, so Edge’s struggle is a direct consequence.

Microsoft Edge is expected to benefit from better adoption after the release of the Creators Update this month, as this OS update brings several new features, including tab previews, options to set tabs aside, and new security tools such as Flash Player click-to-run controls.

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