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WebSite X5 Start & GO [for PC]
(09-09-2017 , 05:03 AM)longin Wrote: WebSite X5 Start 13 (lifetime) 
+150 Additional Templates

The Link for the Key is here:
New giveaway:
Website X5 Start 13 for free,3448364

Offer is valid before Oct 10, 2017 ( 10:00 a.m)
WebSite X5 Start 14 is the best solution to create your first website. When you want to bring a great idea online, the most important part is getting started. The Drag & Drop Builder helps you to add content to your pages even if you don't know how to code. All the basics for publishing your first project online are included, making building a website easy and fun.
5-step website builder - Don’t stress yourself out on technical issues: there’s no need to code in HTML. Just focus on your message and its look and feel. You'll be amazed how quickly you can get your website online!
  • 1. Set your project
  • 2. Pick a graphic template
  • 3. Add pages
  • 4. Enter images and text
  • 5. Publish online
Ready to go online? Start today!


Offer is valid before 31.12.2017

WebSite X5 Start 14 (for 48 hours)

[Image: start_oriz_black.png]

Use Translator
WebSite X5 Start 14
January 30,2018:

New Giveaway...

[Image: RhB5paD.png]

Giveaway Page:

Direct (No login Required!)

[Image: N49BXXU.jpg]
Quote:With the website kit "WebSite X5 Start" you can create professional websites or blogs without any programming knowledge. The basis of the free full version are 50 templates that you can customize and for example provided with your own background graphics. Texts, videos, music, PDFs and animations, your Facebook page or social media links can be dragged and dropped on the individual pages. The navigation menu is automatically created in the background and, like all other elements, translated into HTML5 code. It complies with the current web standard and is compatible with all mobile devices. Using the program's own FTP client from "WebSite X5 Start" copy the finished homepage to the server.
WebSite X5 Start 16 for free
I do not know much about this product but I have noticed that the links are in german.  Is the product capable of installation in English though?  Smile

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