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Promo2day Review MyFormatConverter
[Image: 8PgIzwi.png]

Convert all formats super easy - easier than you think!

The software is for beginners and professionals. Convert your files in the best quality - suitable for your target device.

MyFormatConverter stands for optimal picture and sound quality on every device! With MyFormatConverter you can adapt your music, movies and photos to your device - whether smartphone, mobile phone, tablet, media player and many more!
Never again problems with incompatible formats! Put an end to the format confusion!
Use MyFormatConverter for free with the free unlimited version!

[Image: YfYjNCN.jpg]

The right format for every purpose!

Convert audio CDs, audiobooks, soundtracks from concert DVDs or TV recordings to YouTube videos!

You like to hear audiobooks in the car? Music in sports? The right target format for any purpose, whether AAC, MP3 compressed for minimal space or uncompressed in the best digital quality to be prepared for the future - all that MyFormatConverter!

[Image: YFw61Lp.jpg]

Your movies on all devices!

Suitable for all video applications, from the player in the trouser pocket to the 4K TV!
With a huge list of device profiles, you can easily reach your goal: from the game console, DVD player, media center, Apple TV to iPhone - you will certainly find your device in the MyFormatConverter. In addition, you will also find all video formats such as WMV, MPEG or h.264 to convert into these formats, from very small to very large.

System requirements:

Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows Vista 10 (each with 32- or 64-Bit)
Net Framework 4.0
Optional: CD/DVD-Burner, iTunes, USB-Writer-/Reader
Several GB of free space for downloaded and/or converted videofiles
During the activation of the program a connection to the internet is required!

Technical Details:

Developed by Engelmann
Version is v10.0.6109
Download size is 33.56 MB

User Interface:

[Image: nJVpp3O.jpg]


A program for all devices

Like a Swiss Army Knife, MyFormatConverter takes care of all your digital media: videos, music and photos. Be independent of formats and simply convert to the format that is best for your player.

Convert videos

AVI, DIVX, MKV, MOV or MP4? Without expertise through the format jungle!

Convert audio

WAV, MP3, AAC, WMA Audio CD, Concert DVD - convert to a compatible audio format!

Convert 2D to 3D

Create your own 3D videos from your movies now!

Convert DVR

Convert TV recordings from hard disk receivers (eg: .dvr, dat, pvr, ts4) into compatible formats!

Optimize videos

Get the most out of your videos! Ideal for old videos!

Optimize photos

Enhance your photos and improve their quality!

MyFormatConverter Versions:

MyFormatConverter Free

[Image: by29azZ.png]

Take advantage of most features of the software - even in the free version you can convert your audio files to WMA and your video files to WMV. Without DVR support, 2D to 3D conversion and without the optimizations.

MyFormatConverter Basic

[Image: OD9S4fb.png]

Use all features of the software with all output formats - but without the optimizations, without our 2D to 3D conversion and without DVR support. Buy the entry-level version now!

MyFormatConverter Premium

[Image: cxCqwiu.png]

Do not compromise: The premium version includes the complete functionality of the software, without any restriction! Now for the sensational offer price! Only for a short time!


[Image: LA25VNL.png]


The following add-ons are available and can be purchased directly from the software:

[Image: lWwnYGp.png]

How to use the program?

The use of the app is very easy. First launch the program then to select the tool or feature you need and start it. Now all you have to do is just to add the files you wish to convert or burn on CD/DVD. You can easily select the files you will use through checkbox, context menu or right sided red cross then change the output options depending on the tool you are using. Finally, specify the target path and start

Online Manual:

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