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Giveaway Guidelines [Please Read ]
Hi all

From a lot of previous giveaways, I have some comments to share with you and if you have any comments, please reply here.

1. When you share the giveaway on social share sites or other forums, the share link must be directly referring to the topic and shows the title and the forum link.

2. On Facebook, please remember to make your share "Public" for the staff and other people to see it.

3. Read the rules of each giveaway in details as it is different among topics. (For example it may be required to have a certain number of threads or posts before you share in the giveaway).

4. When you put a comment: it must be few sentences. most of our giveaways are associated with Software reviews and you can read it and write good comment.

5. Comments like: "it is the best" , "count me" , "it is helpful" are not right and mostly you will not be counted during winner selection.

6. Using Your REAL IP ADDRESS is the best choice. You can use VPN but if stated in the giveaway rules that "REAL IP " is needed your share will not be counted. Also if users with the same IP Address are found in the same giveaway, the first one only will be counted and the others not.

7. During claim of license: Please Kindly write the name of the software you won in the message title as sometimes I have a lot of giveaways and winners at the same time.

8. Trading is not allowed in some RARE Giveaways which are very expensive and not easily found. A lot of effort is done to have this giveaway with the main aim to help users to get this software for free.

9. Replying Twice in the Giveaway topic doesn't increase your chance to win. Both of your entries will not be counted in winner selection.

Note :

Of course our Staff Members (admins/Mods) and other active users (arranging giveaways) can add or modify these rules/guidelines according to their wish.
That is excellent guidelines Sir Worship
Thank you tarekma7
Thanks for posting some guidelines we can all follow. I also have had numerous messages from members wanting their license win and had no idea which giveaway they were claiming. Reading giveaway details are most important as many developers send the winning licenses out to the winners not us so some require e-mail and name of winners.

I see most of the giveaways period are mentioned in days & not date i.e 20 "days" & not March 10, 2017 "date"

I think date is better & clear for users like "Giveaway ends on March 10, 2017"

Thank You
Confusedhy: Confusedhy: ;)
wow that a understood and i should have read these guidelines before...

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