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Ashampoo Disk-Space-Explorer 2024 Version 01.00.00 Freeware
#1    Ashampoo
Disk-­Space-­Explorer 2024⁠
Running out of disk space? This program shows you why!
Original price: $ 33
100% free
for you!
Low on disk space? This program shows you why!
Are you running out of disk space and wondering why your hard drive is so full? Ashampoo Disk-Space-Explorer 2024 has the solution! Frequently, disks fill up unnoticed and the causes are unclear. Large files that unnecessarily take up storage space often hide deep within your system. Where exactly can you free up space and which data can be safely deleted? Disk-Space-Explorer 2024 makes identifying storage hogs a breeze!

Use filters and optimize your disk space
Get a comprehensive overview of all the files on your hard drive, sorted by size and the percentage of storage space they take up, regardless of their location. Disk-Space-Explorer 2024 steps in where Windows Explorer hits its limits. Use intuitive filters to specifically display movies, photos, or documents. All it takes is a quick look at the bar charts to instantly find out which folders or files take up a lot of space!

Tailor-made disk space analysis
The flexible file filters allow for fine-grained adjustments to fit your needs. Create specific groups of file formats for personalized filtering. Dive deep into your hard drive to find out which files are taking up valuable storage space and which ones you can safely remove! This software provides accurate analyses even with humongous file libraries. Whether you want to free up storage space, are searching for files to move to another partition, or simply want a better overview of your files, Ashampoo Disk-Space-Explorer 2024 is your ideal partner for efficient disk storage management!

Feature highlights:
Visualize file distribution by folder / structure
Analyze disk space consumption based on file formats
Locate resource hogs
Filter by file type
Customize file type filters
Multiple types of charts to visualize results
Create custom filters based on file types        Website status:


We combed through this website and everything looks good to us. You're safe!  McAfee WebAdvisor    Digital Signature: Ashampoo GmbH & Co. KG  Ashampoo Disk-Space-Explorer 2024 Version 01.00.00  Freeware Was 100% Scanned Safe & Clean With McAfee Total Protection 16.0 R118 & Was 100% CLEAN, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including  Viruses, Adware, Bots, Or Botnets,  Backdoors, Spyware,  Keyloggers,  Malvertising, Phishing, Rootkits, Ransomware, Malicious Crypto MINERS, Malicious Cryptojacking, Trojans, Worms,  Secure your life online with:  Next-generation device protection automatically blocks new and evolving threats.  Device Protection

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We combed through this website and everything looks good to us. You're safe!   McAfee WebAdvisor

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