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Database Security Exposed: The Truth Behind the Record High Number of Data Breaches
[Image: ZybfH4t.png]

It’s been said that every company is now a data company. And if you’re reading this paper, this statement likely resonates with you.
Businesses across all industries are able to build better products and services, provide better customer experiences, and make better decisions by leveraging data. Even the most traditional organizations now have chief data officers and teams of data scientists, as they deploy a battery of new analytics, and business intelligence tools.

However, with data taking the spotlight, there are important implications for security, privacy, and compliance teams. It’s not just your company that sees value in your data. There are many bad actors that also see value in your sensitive data too.

It shouldn’t be surprising that data breaches are surging to an all time high. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center’s 2021 Data Breach Report, there was a new record high number of data breaches in 2021, which also constituted a 68% rise year over year! 
Your data and databases are the primary target for attackers. And with data breaches at all time highs, it’s time to evaluate how you are protecting your more sensitive assets -- your data.


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