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macrium multisite security

Macrium MultiSite and Security
Quote:Macrium MultiSite enables you to monitor and manage multiple instances of Macrium Site Manager using one web interface. This web interface is hosted by us using Microsoft Azure virtual machines. Information from the Site Managers is sent securely over an insecure network, the internet, to the virtual machines. This begs the question, how do we keep your information secure from Site Manager to MultiSite?

How Site Managers are added to MultiSite

Before we discuss the security of MultiSite in detail, we’ll first clarify the steps that are taken to add a Site Manager to MultiSite. First, ‘Remote Management’ must be enabled on the Site Manager that you want to add to MultiSite.

You will then be provided with an API key. In MultiSite, after selecting ‘Add Site’ on the ‘Sites’ page, you will be prompted to enter the API key from the Site Manager.

[Image: e4jDHPt.png]

If the API key that is entered into MultiSite matches the API key in the Site Manager settings, then the Site Manager will be added to MultiSite. After a brief period where the Site Manager ‘Initializes’, you can then begin monitoring the Site Manager using MultiSite.

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