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Giveaway One Shot
[Image: V8FWT0y8_o.png]

App is FREE for 1 week only, then it will be $0.99.
Quote:Launch Offer:

Game Idea:
Clear all obstacles with one shot.

How To Play:
One Shot is a challenging but fun game. Your main target is to clear all the obstacles with a single shot.
Game is mainly based on reflection physics. You should figure out how the ball will reflect when it hits objects.
To instantiate the ball in any location on the screen, you need to tap the screen.
When the ball is active, you can change the direction by rotating your finger. You will see guidelines showing the direction.
You have infinitely many trials in each level. There is no life of time constraints.

There are two types of obstacles in the game. Destructible and Non-Destructible obstacles. Destructible objects are white in color while Non-Destructibles are black.

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