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Giveaway Zombie City Defense
Zombie City Defense

[Image: 1.1585832456.png]
Enter the battle for humanity. Save Earth from hordes of zombies. Plan your strategy wisely, build up your defense, recruit survivors and KILL ZOMBIES! Use flamethrowers, shotguns, machine guns or tanks, artillery and even multi-fire rocket launchers. Experience the thrill of commanding a futuristic military force and be the hero. Save humanity from the biggest threat it has ever encountered!
Zombie City Defense 2

[Image: 7.1586428254.png]
★★★ PREMIUM GAME - No In-App Purchases in this game ★★★

Zombie City Defense 2 is a tactical tower defense game.

In a near future, the world has been devastated by a virus turning humanity into zombies. You are Iron Corps, the last defense of civilization traveling the world to find resources, help people and find answers.

Prepare your army before infiltrating a new area - choose carefully your set of infantry units, vehicles and special abilities.

You should customize your faction wisely, as zone's weather, terrain relief and even amount of buildings around will greatly influence your strategy. Also zombies will become more fearsome at night.

Research new units and abilities between missions with the tactical points you earned depending the success of your missions.

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