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Promo2day Review Wondershare PDFelement 7 Pro
[Image: T85W9pL.png]

Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format invented by Adobe with the aim is to present and exchange documents reliably, independent of software, hardware  and operating system. PDF files can contain many information you need such as form fields, links, buttons, audio, and many more.

PDF is essential for your daily activities and sure you will need a software that make it easy for you to create, edit, convert and sign PDF documents. With a simple google search you can find many applications that do all of these features and will help you. However, if you want a program with simple new interface, easy to use, includes all features and tools with no extra cost, then PDFelemet 7 Pro with many new features is a very good choice for you

System Requirements:

A computer with an Intel Pentium 4, higher (or equivalent processor).
Supported operating systems include Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista
Memory:  512 MB RAM, (1 GB recommended)
HDD Space: 1.5GB of free HDD
Internet access is required for product registration, activation, product help, and obtaining live updates.

Which edition of the program is suitable for you?

The program is available for you in two editions; the standard and the professional versions

Both editions have similar features with more options and tools available in the Pro version. These include the following features:

Add file attachments in PDFs.
Batch process watermarks
Apply Bates Numbering with advanced formatting
[Image: F2b5Lxm.png]
Create PDFs from Scanner
Convert PDF into other fully editable formats: more formats are supported with the Pro version:
.docx, .doc, .xlsx, .xls, .pptx, .ppt, .epub, .txt, .rtf, .html, .hwpx, .hwp
Batch convert PDF files into another file format                
Support PDF/A
OCR Technology                             
Automatic form creation with Form Auto-Recognition                    
Automatic data extraction from digital and scanned PDF forms                  
Batch data extraction from digital and scanned PDF forms                           
Label and extract data from selected form fields
Manually create fillable PDF forms with check box, radio button, text field, list box, etc.                 
Apply form fields with alignment guide                 
Set tab order for form fields                      
Custom actions on form objects (import form data, open a file, open a web page, submit a form, etc.)
Read and fill XFA-based PDF forms
Create and apply digital signature
Redact sensitive text and images                            
Search document and automatically redact matched text                            
Redaction text properties including color, redaction codes and custom overlay text
PDF optimizer for reduced file sizes 
What’s new and improved in PDFelement 7?

Reimagined UI:  The new version shows all-new minimalist, powerful, user interface. Even novice users can get up and running quickly.

Convert documents with greater accuracy: PDFelement 7 helps to easy convert PDFs to office files, with retaining layout, formatting, and tables. 
Your job is now much easier. It delivers the richest, most engaging PDF communications.

Advanced writing and editing tools that create great-looking documents in minutes

User Management Console which is user friendly and IT friendly. You will enjoy flexibility to provision, track, and manage licensing across groups and teams.

Improved Team Collaboration using a complete set of commenting and markup tools.

Simplified Licensing options

User Interface:

[Image: LJikHNs.png] 
What are the main features that make PDFelement 7 Pro the best choice for you?

View and Open any PDF Document (PDF Reader):

[Image: FBPOsKh.png]

PDFelement will be your default PDF software that let you open and view any document you need. You can enjoy reading your file, adjust viewer settings to suite your needs, set default page layout and zoom with quick search, navigation, open many documents at the same time each in a separate tab and print your document or part of it

Edit and Modify PDF documents:

[Image: cy8qXiC.png]

It is well known that PDF documents evolve over time and at specific time you will need to update your files. Thanks to the program built-in word processor, you will enjoy easy and quick edit of your document. Authors can easily update their documents in any way needed. For example; change paragraphs, add headers and footers, stamps and watermarks and many more

[Image: 7TqitZc.png]

Organize Pages:

PDFelement lets you easily organize PDF file pages in many ways. For example; you can crop, extract, insert, split, replace, rotate, and deleting pages. You can even organize multiple pages at the same time using CTRL key. You can also drag a thumbnail to change its placement in the document.

[Image: Sx2DHlS.png]

[Image: Od5XLot.png]

Create PDF document:

The program makes PDF file creation easy and fast job. This can be accomplished in many ways. The program has built-in virtual printer that lets you send any document and convert it to PDF file in a few seconds. You can also use right click menu option to easily create PDF file from any other format. In addition, you can simply drag the file you want to convert to PDF into the program window if it is open, or convert quickly from within Windows Explorer. Finally, create PDF command is seen as a feature in the main window of the program and you can easily open it and use easily. PDFelement 7 Pro helps to create PDF files from scanners or your mobile devices directly.

[Image: PEraRLv.png]

For example, Microsoft Office files, images, html files, scanner and many more. In that way you will easily and quickly create pdf from word or PowerPoint files

Combine PDF documents:

The program makes it easy for you to join many PDF documents into a single file. This feature will help you in joining chapters of a book for example.

PDF Converter:

[Image: uSx2w02.png]

PDFelement has built-in PDF Converter. This tool will let you quickly export PDF to MS Office, Image, HTML, and RTF format files. You can convert one file or many files at the same time. This feature is called batch converter. You can also use OCR tools supported in the Pro version to convert scanned documents easily to other formats. In addition, you can also convert PDF files to an image file or to PDF/A format which is an ISO-standardized version for use in archiving and long-term preservation of electronic documents.

Review and Comment:

[Image: RZbMWYC.png]

The program will help you to easily review PDF documents and add your comments or markup text using a complete set of commenting tools. The reviewer tools allow your participants and team members to make any modifications needed after reading the reviewers comments

[Image: sPt2RU2.png]

[Image: sI21s3z.png]

[Image: CWfanfU.png]

PDF Annotator:

The program has many annotation tools that make it easy for you to add a comment, markup text or paragraph, add stamps, drawings or attachments as comments. You can change the comment properties if needed. The Add Attachment tool aims to embed a file at a selected location in your document. The reader can easily find and see it

PDF Security and Encryption:

[Image: olh3ZLv.png]

[Image: QVpAkit.png]

[Image: Gjh8SA1.png]

You can protect your PDF document using many built-in tools in PDFelement 7. You can add password to encrypt the PDF file against unauthorized access, printing, copying and many more. You can also hide sensitive information using redaction features


The program lets you add certified digital signature for document authenticity and integrity

[Image: SMEoWC0.png]

[Image: mmpHHxC.png]

[Image: KFz7tua.png]

PDF Forms:

PDFelement will let you fill in interactive forms and create forms (automatically and manually) and extract data if you need. You can easily make any field fillable by adding text fields, buttons, check boxes and many more. You will also collect analysis data from your clients using fillable PDF forms

[Image: vV3DxqL.png]

OCR technology:

The pro version of the program allows you to use OCR technology at no additional cost. Simply, download the OCR component when you start using it then enjoy all its features. You can do many jobs, for example:

[Image: OEDlbPe.png]

Edit, delete, cut, copy, paste, and insert new text and images in scanned (image) PDFs
Create a searchable PDF from an image-only PDF
Convert scanned (image) PDF into fully searchable and editable PDF
OCR text recognition and conversion of multilingual documents: (25+ languages)
Use OCR to preserve and reproduce document layout and formatting elements (headers, footers, graphics, footnotes, page numbering, captions)
Select "Searchable Text Image" or "Editable Text" mode when performing OCR

Share PDF document:
For example to email, dropbox, google drive and so on

[Image: 41X0hGH.png]

Help Menu:

Includes registration, check for program updates and program version number. In addition, you can see videos, guide, support center

[Image: jRlOyLg.png]

Check for updates automatically or manually:

[Image: bFPdFkm.png]

File menu and Preferences:

The preferences or the program settings are located in the file menu. They include general settings, font, OCR, updates, convert and shortcut

Important Links:


Download Link:

System requirements and Product features comparison:




User Guide:

How to articles:

[Image: OdDJLDT.png]

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Very good review on Wondershae PDF element Pro!
thanks for great review Heart
Thank you for reviewing it! Good software.

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