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Connected VPNs Speed related query
Hello everyone,

There are lots of VPN and everyone claim their VPN doesn't slow down internet speed much after connected.
They test internet speed from one country i want to ask you which VPN you are using and how much you are receiving before and after VPN connected ?

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Russia may start banning VPNs
[quote]According to certain online sources, the Russian government is working on a bill which requires VPNs and other anonymizing services to stop providing access to blocked domains. If they don’t, they will also end up being blocked. Search engines are also on the black list if they link to the banned websites. This measure has been taken as a consequence of the fact that many Russians are trying to access censored websites with the help of VPNs, proxies, mirror sites and anonymity networks su
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IPVanish VPN review – one of the best VPNs, for many reasons
[Image: https://i.imgur.com/ptyJjBd.png]

[quote]A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a great way to ensure increased security and privacy when connected to both private and public networks. A quick glance at our Android Authority Deals page and you’ll see there are numerous options when looking for a VPN service. Like everything else in the tech world, the endless choice means it’s not hard to find something that best suits your needs. 

You will first need to create an account and pay
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Stacksocial 40% OFF VPNs products
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VPNSecure: Lifetime Subscription


Disconnect: Lifetime Premium Subscription


TigerVPN: Lifetime Subscription


VPN Unlimited Infinity: Lifetime Plan


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The blocking of VPNs in India and China spells trouble for our internet freedom
[quote]Blocking websites puts everyone's internet freedom at risk:

As of June 11, 2018, net neutrality rules in the USA expired, with new regulations taking effect that gave Internet Service Providers (ISPs) broad new powers over how consumers could access the Internet. In essence, net neutrality was the law that prevented ISPs, for example large cable and telephone companies, from blocking, throttling the loading speed of or discriminating against any form of legal content on the Inte
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BEST VPN FOR 2019!! Top 5 VPNs Speed Tested!!
[Video: https://youtu.be/-hTptV1Fcfo]
BEST VPN FOR 2019!! Top 5 VPNs Speed Tested!!

[Image: https://i.imgur.com/skA50DV.png]
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The 3 VPNs that are still working in China
China has succeeded in blocking almost all VPNs, but we found 3 that are still working in March 2019! These services are guaranteed to successfully bypass the Great Firewall of China. And they are all offering a money back guarantee or free trial to prove it.

These 3 VPNs have been tested in China to ensure speed and reliability. Use these 3 VPNs to access any website or internet service without restrictions, including your favorite streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu;

#1 - ExpressVPN
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Ivacy VPN: Lifetime Subscription + NAT Firewall
Unblock Content, Stream at Blazing Speeds & Shut Down Hackers with This VPN/Firewall Combo

$49.99 $1,254

NordVPN: 3-Yr Subscription

This Double-Encrypted VPN Received an Outstanding Rating From PC Mag

$125.64 $430.20 70% off

VPNSecure: Lifetime Subscription

Unlock True Online Privacy with This Encrypted, Zero-Logging VPN Service

$34.99 $450.00 92% off

...and even mo
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Top 100% FREE VPNs for Google Chrome
[quote]Sometimes you want to protect Google Chrome on a new device, but don’t want to pay for a premium VPN. I’ve got you covered.

I tested and ranked the best free VPNs for Google Chrome according to speed, security, quality, and compatibility.

[color=#525252][size=medium][font=Arial, sans-serif]While a free VPN won’t cost you upfront, you get
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[Norton]Are free VPNs safe? 7 things to know before using free VPNs
A virtual private network — better known as a VPN — is a key way to help protect your privacy when online, especially when you’re logging on from a public space such as a hotel lobby, coffee shop, library, or airport.
[color=#585858][size=medium][font=Arial, sans-serif]When you sign up with a VPN provider, you first log onto that service before you connect to the internet. When you do this, government agencies, businesses