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Microsoft Edge’s Migration to Chromium Explained
https://news.softpedia.com/news/microsof...4345.shtml            Microsoft Edge’s Migration to Chromium Explained
Microsoft isn’t killing Edge; it’s just moving to a new engine that would come with a series of benefits
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Microsoft Edge in Windows 10
Microsoft has recently confirmed plans to move to the Chromium browser engine, and this decision has been received with mixed reactions
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Public Folder Migration and Archive Mailbox Migration
Public folder and Archive mailbox migration is quite complex and needs a lot of planning and preparation. The more important thing here is to avoid end user impact. These can be migrated using many methods but we need to select a method which is feasible and reduces overall migration time.
  • We need to select in such way that it should simplify your manual work by performing automatically.
  • It should perform smooth migration even for large folder sizes and multiple file types in one
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Zinstall Migration Kit Pro (5 Licenses)
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Zinstall, a new friend to Dave’s Computer Tips, has offered our readers a chance to win a copy of their Migration Kit Pro software. We have been given five licenses and at the time of writing are each valued at a whopping $169 (US) for a total value of $845!! That’s amazing! This handy migration tool arrives at the right time, too, just a