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Powerful Jewish lobby demands Gab to be Outlawed and its CEO to be Arrested
[size=large]First the poor Twitter and Facebook guys moved to Parler but someone hacked Parler, who knows who hacked it but it definitely wasn’t the right-wingers hacking their own website, for sure it was liberals or Antifas… then they banned Parler from Amazon. Now the poor guys moved to Gab and now they want Gab banned too.

As huge masses of people are getting banned from the leftist social media, they are now finding a new home on Gab but the Jews are like “Ha you thought you can just go
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Wedding with 400 guests busted in London Jewish neighborhood
https://www.rt.com/uk/513325-jewish-wedd...ed-london/    Wedding with 400 guests busted in London Jewish neighborhood, potentially adding £10,000-fine to expenses
22 Jan, 2021 13:27    The Metropolitan Police busted a wedding celebration in an Orthodox Jewish neighborhood in London. Around 400 guests had convened behind covered windows in violation of the UK’s strict social distancing rules.
The party was dispersed on Thursday night after police received a tip about a large gathering in E