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Shamed Amazon Decides to Restore Full-Disk Encryption to Its Fire OS Devices
Amazon caves in to all the user and media pressure

Amazon has announced it will be restoring support for full-disk encryption to its mobile devices running Fire OS after the company was criticized from all sides this past weekend.

The entire scandal started after a user received a delayed update to Fire OS 5 for his Amazon device. The user read the changelog and discovered that the new Fire OS 5 version had removed support for ful
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FBI quietly changes its privacy rules for accessing NSA data on Americans
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China's 'Great Firewall' blocks its creator
The designer of China's "Great Firewall" has been mocked online after he reportedly had to bypass the censorship system that he helped create during a public event.

Fang Binxing was giving a speech on internet security at the Harbin Institute of Technology when he tried to access a South Korean website, but was blocked by the system, according to the Hong Kong-based Ming Pao website. To continue with
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Microsoft Changes Adobe Flash Behavior in Its Windows 10 Browser
Microsoft Changes Adobe Flash Behavior in Its Windows 10 Browser
Flash will be auto-paused in Edge starting with Redstone

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Microsoft throws its support behind EU-US Privacy Shield
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The transfer of data between the US and Europe has been something of a privacy and security nightmare. In an attempt to improve privacy protection, the European Commission established the EU-US Privacy Shield "to restore trust in transatlantic data flows" post-Edward Snowden's NSA surveillance revelations, replacing the controversial Safe Harbor arrangement.
Today Microsoft has announced its support for the p
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Google no longer lists its own site as 'partially dangerous'
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According to Google’s online transparency report, Google.com had been considered a "partially dangerous" website.

In the report under the Safe Browsing section, the company listed its own website as one that could be dangerous to its visitors followed by a list of site safety details along with testing details.

According to these details, Google.com displays some pages that redirect visitors to da
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Microsoft finally loses its crown as Chrome becomes number one web browser
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[quote]It has finally happened. Microsoft has been dethroned in the competitive web browser market. Google's Chrome has taken the number one spot, according to latest marketshare figures released by Net Marketshare. Microsoft's own Internet Explorer has gradually been losing shares of the pie as the browser became more unpopular
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KFC giving its customers free battery packs (India only)
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[quote]Rejoice, energy fighters and chicken lovers – KFC is willing to ease your battery struggles at least a little bit. Their latest offer includes a free battery pack with the purchase of a five-in-one meal, which they are calling ‘Watt a Box’. It costs only 150 rupees (about $2.20 USD) and includes a full meal, as well as a 6,100 mAh battery built right into the box.
Pretty cool, right? The only issue is that this
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Thai Bank Shuts Down Half of Its ATMs Following $378,000 Heist
Thai Bank Shuts Down Half of Its ATMs Following $378,000 Heist
Crooks used malware to rob 21 ATMs across Thailand
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Battlefield 1 unveils its maps and modes
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[quote]As Battlefield 1 hurtles towards its October 21 release, EA and DICE continue to drip feed us new details on what to expect. Using the “most optimised” version of the Frostbite Engine to date, we learned that their take on the Great War begs some pretty intensive system specs earlier this week, and we now know the nine maps and six modes it’ll boast at launch.  
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